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  1. Sazzle

    Holiday Park - General Discussion

    For reference: I highly doubt the park would invest in returning the second train, only to close the coaster down? It's still one of the best rated coasters in Europe! Poppycock.
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    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    Couple of points here: 1. Flip-flop as a name is possibly outdated. If we are to follow current naming conventions of 'cool' clothing, I prophesise that Flip-Flip will become 'Thong' in the next couple of years. Ya'll owe me a drink if this happens! 2. Not a full circle you say? This might...
  3. Sazzle

    Phantasialand: The irregularities and irritations of one of Europe's best parks

    Ohhh reliability anxiety - "Will it / won't it". A newly coined term that I think I may pinch! I haven't been to Phantasialand since 2016 but I absolutely hear that. Even when in the park and having a feel for the crowd levels I still feel this with "Mystery" or "Misery" Castle. When you're in...
  4. Sazzle

    Silver Star

    I'm not sure I felt it was anything to do with the rise out of the drop, it felt like the very bottom of the drop itself. I rode the first week of May and it was just on my tolerance threshold for roughness. I find myself "riding the drop" rather than relaxing into my seat (hopefully as fellow...
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    Monorail Refurbishment

    I have to say I find it quite amusing that this topic was started in 2017 and here we are in 2022 still waiting and speculating! The ancient chariots that are the monorail cars are so outdated that I tend to skip a ride in the sweatbox in favour of a long walk and some fresh air. If I leave the...
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    Air or Galactica?

    I love your sense of optimism and consideration for the guest experience. I also love your use of the word 'contemporary' - you're good at polishing things up! You'll never get a job at Towers 😄 I have to admit to being glad that VR has been removed. Whilst I was somewhat impressed with the...
  7. Sazzle

    Silver Star

    "Shambles" indeed. Having experienced PortAventura with a fast track wristband, I could never do it any other way! Operations are appalling. My only gripe with Silver Star is the loading platform - it can be six or seven deep at some gates (Row 2 & back) and quite honestly it's confusing when...
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    American Adventure Park

    Not bad though for a small theme park in the middle of Derbyshire! They peaked with Boyzone for Flying Island!
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    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    Submission to RCDB for the footnote? I suppose as long as it works to draw in punters for the park...!
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    Cedar Point: General Discussion

    I really loved Coast Rider, what's your problem? (Read: heaviest dose of sarcasm ever. SEND. IN. THE BULLDOZERS) I'd love to see a new coaster but I must admit to feeling reserved on the matter. Small plot, not a whisper of anything being teased...? TTD site would make much more sense for a new...
  11. Sazzle

    Plopsaland De Panne: The Ride To Happiness 2021

    That's a real shame! I understand your dad's apprehension, it is different driving on the right. I am lucky enough to have been both a passenger and a driver in Europe since a fairly young age, and have gained confidence through that. If your dad can be persuaded, here are a few tips: Exit the...
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    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    I wonder if they were thinking of the (now pretty defunct) colloquialism "that's sick!". I can't imagine the reception from worldwide enthusiasts when they come across that on RCDB...! FlamingoLand have had a small penchant for odd names - Mumbo Jumbo & Flip Flop anyone? Plus note: the water...
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    Drayton Manor Park

    As sad as it is that Apocalypse will be leaving the park at the end of the season, I accept that the park is in a very different position to where it was in 2000 when it first opened. The park used to have a solid balance of thrill and family (I'd argue slightly more thrill mid-00s?), but today...
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    The Hotels: A deep-seated culture of mediocrity

    Towers I had a resort breakfast at opening weekend this season, catered at Flambos. It was appalling. The food was below expectation for the price of the stay, the juice machines were appalling (standard), and it felt manic. The day after this, I stayed at a local B&B in uttoxeter and had a...
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    2022/3 Rulantica: New attractions + slide tower incl. RallyRacer

    Not exactly selling it to me.. :p
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    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    I showed this to my work colleagues before my trip last week - they couldn't believe it! After a 4 year break (my last visit was December 2018), I have to say the park was as magical as ever. Everything was spotless, operations were fantastic, and it felt like being home. All Covid restrictions...
  17. Sazzle

    2022/3 Rulantica: New attractions + slide tower incl. RallyRacer

    I have only a few short lines to say about Rulantica... I hate waterparks. I have never enjoyed them. I am not a confident swimmer. Water slides scare me. I spent 10 hours in Rulantica, abolutely loved it, and did all but 3 of the 'big' slides (drop slide, raft slide and the horrific looking...
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    Europa Park Shows

    Last week I had 3 days on park, and chose 3 shows to see: Spanish arena show (action show with horses... and a camel) Ice show (does exactly what it says on the tin!) Teatro show (theatre variety show with high quality production) Due to the timings of the shows, it wouldn't have been...
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    Europe - The Long Awaited Return

    You should be fine during the day - the problems seem to be overnight. As Rob mentions, it's highly likely that the park & hotel will put in further security measures. I certainly wouldn't worry. It's worth noting that if you book a suite in the hotel, there is secure underground parking...
  20. Sazzle

    Duel. Time to say goodbye?

    The guest experience, proudly thought out in detail by the designer, deemed irrelevant by the corporate piggy bank holders. A tale that unfortunately feels all-too-common across the theme park industry, with only a few exceptions. And yet Sub-Terra was not an immediate success, got “upgrades”...