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  1. Jordan

    Happy 10th Birthday TowersStreet!

    If history is anything to go by, reaching 10 years as an Alton Towers community means we should be readying the digital caravans again ;) Seriously though, what a milestone. Looking back to that first night, events could have turned out completely differently. But 10 years on and TowersStreet...
  2. Jordan

    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Did Europa-Park make an "every little thing new this year" video for 2022?
  3. Jordan

    New Forum Bug Reports

    RIP the wiki
  4. Jordan

    2021: General Discussion

    I’m not sure there are enough Bourbon Biscuits in Staffordshire to run a new Customer Council at Alton Towers.
  5. Jordan

    2021: General Discussion

    According to this interview, everyone’s favourite Aussie theme park executive Francis Jackson is moving into the role of General Manager.
  6. Jordan

    2022: 'Eatrenalin' Innovative Restaurant

    Actually an animatronic Michael Mack, taking after Roland’s cameo in Pirates.
  7. Jordan

    Merlin Annual Pass

    The FAQs suggest the 20% discount may be hobbled for the Gold Pass: versus the Platinum Pass:
  8. Jordan

    2022: 'Eatrenalin' Innovative Restaurant

    World’s first omninover restaurant
  9. Jordan

    Ride/Park Accidents

    Another news article on the fine, from the ABC. To put into context, $3.6 million is the largest workplace fine in Queensland’s history. The maximum fine could have been $4.5 million ($1.5m per breach). The Queensland Government loaned Ardent Leisure $67m to reopen after Covid (which will have...
  10. Jordan

    Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2020

    Love that Towers are trying this, but “£10 hog roast” was totally on my Oktoberfest bingo card this year.
  11. Jordan

    The Alton Towers Music, Video and Other Multimedia Thread

    Only available for shipping in the UK! If anyone has a copy of the music, my PMs are open... ;)
  12. Jordan

    WDW Hollywood Studios: General Discussion

    I like how Disney have blended the screens and non-screen elements to the point where they seem to be indistinguishable. Also - amazing how all of that fits inside the footprint of The Great Movie Ride.
  13. Jordan

    2020: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Surely at this point it’s worth them refitting the Gazprom hall just for the 3 minutes of filler they can include in the “New for 2020” video
  14. Jordan

    2021: The World of David Walliams

    Be good to compare with the floor space of Bench / Piccolo Mondo
  15. Jordan

    Rulantica: 30th December 2019

    Great report Dan - thanks for writing it up.
  16. Jordan

    2019: Rulantica

    Did they ever fix the visible green-tin-shed wall for Arthur?
  17. Jordan

    2021: The World of David Walliams

    I am excited to see the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre return to feature Blankety Blank: LIVE
  18. Jordan

    2019: General Discussion

    Remember the days when it was claimed the effects would be part of the ride’s daily checklist, and any malfunction would mean the whole ride couldn’t open without them being fixed?
  19. Jordan

    2019: General Discussion

    If the Hex experience needs changing then it ought to be done properly, not some hacky improv by ride operations staff.