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I put this in general rather than future, but I think it could be placed in either.

Don't think this has been brought up yet but I've been trawling through the Alton Towers Holidays website, and it seems that the 2018 season dates have been revealed:

Opening day will be Saturday 24th March, there will not be any closed dates until Wednesday 2nd May. All Wednesdays in May will be closed excluding the final one. The next closed dates will be Wednesdays in September as well as the first 3 Wednesdays in October. There are no further closed days until the end of the season which could suggest that we will be getting 3 days of Fireworks back.


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Fingers cross that we will see the return of the Scarefest during the Scottish half term. I presume that they will run the Scarefest until the 31st October. 1st of November being a non event getting ready for the fireworks and with any luck, finishing the season with a 3 day fireworks event.

We can only dream :)


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That's strange, I google the term dates at the start of this month and the internet was saying that the half term week was going to be 28th Oct to the 4th of Nov. looks like that information has now been change to the week before :banghead:


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Academies can set their own term dates (within guidelines) and as you can barely find a state run school nowadays they shouldn't really rely too much on the traditional state system for planning.

My sons school is off this week, his cousins a few towns over is next week, and the gobby entitled private school kids that live downstairs seem to have been on holiday for most of the month.


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Scarefest needs to return to the full 2 weeks from 13th October, there's clearly demand for it with how busy it's been this week. Fireworks needs to return to 3 nights also.

I would imagine early season would be busier than normal if Wickerman opens at the start.


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Next year three of the county's around Alton are all off different weeks- staffs as already mentioned, Derbyshire schools are off 21st-28th and Leicestershire the week before that. Certainly would be the demand for more scarefest dates next year.

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According to TowersStreet's Facebook, half price vouchers for 2018 are being given out at the turnstiles today. The terms of said vouchers state that the vouchers are "valid between 17.03.18 and 31.05.18" which seems to imply that the park will be opening on Saturday 17th March 2018.


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Ok so what I would like to see in 2018....


1. Either a reduction in the prices to stay over back down to realistic prices which represent the quality of the product, or failing that, the reintroduction of the deposit system when booking.

2. The Dragon Bar area to be sorted out once and for all because everytime I go in there, its just a mess. Maybe have fixed tables and round fixed comfy seating areas in the middle section.

3. Waterpark to be expanded to accommodate the extra guests from all the hotels.

4. Demolish the monstrosity which is CBeebies hotel and bring back the nice garden areas at the rear of ATH.

5. Totally refurbish the spa and have some conservatory area once again to make the place feel brighter again.

6. Better lighting at night on the paths around Enchanted Village (illuminated cats eye style lights perhaps around the edges of the paths)

7. Keep Splash Landings open as it did offer some cheap deals compared to the other hotels.

8. Perhaps introduce an "all inclusive" package when staying in the hotel which includes, well, everything, so people can book and turn up without worrying about all the extras they have to fork out

9. Find a way around the monstrosity which is CBeebies hotel to re-open the woodland walk. Maybe call it the "magical or enchanted" woodland walk, with some fairy lights and music etc, and advertise it as a special perk of staying in the hotel!

10. Food and length of waiting for it has gone down the pan in Secret Garden. Needs sorting out to bring back the quality and the service.

Theme Park

1. Remove the vinyl coverings off the windows of the monorail. They are dirty and you can no longer see out of them.

2. Clean up and repaint etc inside some of the monorail cars which look scruffy and dont give a good impression of the park to guests just arriving.

3. Introduce touch screen kiosks at the entrance where guests can easily collect pre booked tickets or buy tickets without having to queue

4. Sort out the gardens, they are looking overgrown and scruffy in places

5. Would love to see the Swiss Cottage re-opened as a place to go for a hot drink and a cake (great place for a Costa outlet perhaps)

6. General maintenance around the place - in particular all the closed outlets, consider at least opening one of them in an area as it makes the place look very run down when all you see is closed shutters

7. Consider installing turnstyles at the Rollercoaster restaurant entrance and suggest all those with their tickets or annual passes use this entrance - this will reduce queues on the monorail and give guests with tickets easier access from the car park

8. Sort out the food in Rollercoaster restaurant. One day it can be good, next day, dire. Needs to have consistency.

9. Close and refurbish Duel. Not just a half assed attempt either, lighting, effects, sounds etc all need sorting out, and the zombie end section should be replaced with something else now.

10. Consider scrapping the VR on Galactica, remove the units from the seats and put the ride back to Air again. Sell off all the tech and use the money to sort out the themeing around the ride itself as it should have been from day one.

11. More in park entertainment for the families during the peak seasons, and consider bringing back special events in the park , such as chocolate towers etc from the past , or, have summer nights events like Thorpe do where the park is open until 9pm some summer weekends.

12. Cloud Cuckoo land needs serious attention. Do something with CaTCF and Ice Age cinema and reopen corner coffee!


1. Ensure all lighting, effects etc are ready for opening day and not the week after

2. If ToTT is to stay, it needs a complete overhaul. Its stale and seems shorter each year. Needs to have some storyline to it. I would personally be happier to pay a bit more for the maze should Towers have to reduce ticket sales to get a longer more atmospheric maze.

3. Sub Species was pretty much identical to last year (a bit shorter I thought), again, if it is to stay then it needs some new attractions inside. Either that or replace with a new maze. Scary hospitals or clowns seem to work well!

4. Altonville Mine tours was excellent and there was a lot of new additions this year. Would like to see this return.

5. Freak Zone - while good, Alton ideally needs 2 free scare zones. The zombie scare zone which used to operate up by Dark Forest was always a good walk through. Also, the park needs actors roaming during the peak days and nights.

6. There were no scary cocktails or food options in the hotels over scarefest that I saw.

7. Keep the Alton Ancestors!

8. Consider bring back some of the Live attractions on selected rides. Hex live, Duel live etc. These were always good.

9. Not sure how I would feel about the Welcoming coming back next year. While the themeing was good the maze didnt really do much for me especially for the £8 it cost. Would rather see the other mazes improved and another scare zone.


1. Bring back the 3 day event!

2. Keep the Golden Circle idea, I think it was actually value for money

3. Maybe next year have a public vote on what they would like the theme of the fireworks to be?

Overall however, while it was an OK year at Towers, I do fear what next year will bring given all the cut backs the park is facing. I am however looking forward to SW8 opening.


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Thorpe scrapped their Summer Nights events a couple years ago, but wholeheartedly agree, bring em back.
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