2023: Mack Big Dipper

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    Tomorrow, the new ACE Flying School novel is released...

    Entitled 'The Phantom of the Underworld', the blurb is as follows:

    Excursion to Zagreb with the quirky geography teacher McFinnegan - what initially looks like a normal day at the flying school will soon become the next big adventure for the ACE scouts. The four set off on the trail of an enigmatic phantom that is said to live in the catacombs under the Zagreb theater. When you enter the underworld through a mirror, you not only come across a legendary device by the ingenious inventor Nicola Tesla, but also a hundred-year-old monster ...
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    Sounds like it is going to set up the store of the new ride/area rather nicely!
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    Should be interesting, with the exception of Giester EP don’t really have any “dark themes” on park so curious how this plays out.
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    “Since more than 100 years there’s has been a dark secret deep under the old opera house. A phantom they say lives here in an underground world. It used to be a scientist, a close friend of the famous inventor Nicola Tesla. Through dangerous experiments he was seriously injured. Those who investigate the secret of the phantom in the underground world; will find a mysterious invention - an apparatus.”

    “A little tip for all fans: it’s worth taking a look for a glimpse into the future”

    One fan has pointed out the described apparatus in the book would fit well to an indoor vertical ride of some kind. However the coasters could also be the 'energy journey' which is even compared to a rollercoaster ride in the book. Would be a crazy move to tease a future ride and it's story which will come after the 2023 coasters, so as nice as EP Tower of Terror would be, most are sticking with the theory that this is the set up for the coaster.
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