21 march 2015 meet report

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    It the morning of opening day, My daughter had treated herself to a Premier MAP at christmas. So I can see myself being dragged to Alton Towers more and more this year. I will just have to grin and bare it as I fly around Nemesis track :D

    On the way it was the usual thing for a Saturday travelling across Shropshire and Staffordshire, in late march. Horse boxes travelling slower than a merlin queueline. So we got to the park at 0930, 45mins later then we wanted to.

    After getting into the park on temporary tickets, and being told we could get Little delta's (Steph) MAP anytime during the day from box office, we decided to get her red wrist band from Customer services. Which was closed in it old location and a sign directs us to box office.

    Box office, a confusing place. Unlabelled queues, to which there is no logic on which one is which. After a quick "eenie meenie miney mo catch Nigal Mansell by the toe” I pick a queue, unfortunately it was not the disable access queue, By the time I found out it was the MAP queue. I just gave an Oh well, and waited as we would need to do it at some point.

    It was really painless when we got to the point of getting the MAP and the carers pass. I had read the about what paperwork I needed to take for proof. Just a quick look and way to go with the passes. I was impressed that Alton towers staff are trained to find the importance bits on the paperwork, I was expecting the same as other places, a long wait whist they found the right bit.

    The Staff member then got us to follow her to the area where the red wristband are issued. Another Plus, no waiting in another queue. She then admits she missed the training for issuing the bands due to injury. (yes AT management you now know the staff member that served me) and pop off to get someone who did. After a quick chat with her. Another staff member came and issued a band and the original staff member some on the job training. We wish her well for her injury and headed out on to the park.

    After some quick texting to tom b, to find the group where in the smiler queue. We decided to go on air and nemesis, whist they queue. So we get on air for a gentle break into coaster riding again.

    As we started to leave the station, it was a WTF moment. Air Tunnel was BLUE!!!!! The blinding yourday lights had gone along with the RFID reader. And a couple of Blue led spotlights had be installed. My god it was wonderful, really changes the feel of the ride.

    Then it was on to Nemesis, She was on form, giving a ride like it was her first opening back in 1994. I hate the way the red water had gone. And I wonder how may bottle of basics blackcurrent it would take to turn it red again.

    Whist waiting for the group to arrive from the smiler ride via the skyride we took the time to watch the swinging gondolas of doom start and stop, repeatedly. By the time the group arrived nemesis was a walk on with some one saying “ don't join the queue, Be the queue” which made me laugh.

    This time she woke up my bad ribs, and I think I grunted at this a bit too loudly as I looked at by Tom b. after that lunch was declared, and somehow we ended up by the taven with some of the group where, thing just got a bit odd. I think it was Saz that was doing a sailors dance. And going on about another member squirting all over her coat, lucky Steph had shoved baby wipes in the bag for after our picnic lunch. So I duly offered her some to remove the condiment that was on her coat. I was chatting about the taven music being a mix of sponge bob rip off and capt pugwash. Unfortunately my crap memory for names fails me for the name of the bloke I was chatting with.

    Then it was off to blade where I spoke to Rowe. Before a ride on it and the photo. Then lost the group. The smiler had got it queue time down to 30 mins, and as I expected some staff looked like old hands and some fresh out of training.

    After rides on air (with the sound of and viewing an Iphone hitting maint shed roof) , nemesis and Rita, it was time to leave.

    Thank goodness we get free parking, as we were leaving I spotted two pay machines with there fronts open.

    The monorail queue was long, and when in the lower waiting area of the station, the pre recorded announcement stating they are removing a train from loop was played, then a min or so later one stating they were adding a train to the loop was played. (make your mind up) then a real person says “ there is a problem, its better if you walk”

    When we finally get onto a freezing train I worked out they where running two trains, this was around the lighting within the train section we were in stopped working. On the plus side after an hour of monorail crap it was half six and there was no traffic jams leaving the site.
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    Untamed, Walibi Holland
    Hope to see you both on a meet again at some point! :D
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    On the basketball court inside the Matterhorn
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    It's a smal world
    This just sounds like a typical TST meet to me.
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    ...yeah I was covered in liquid goodness... You can't take me anywhere :(! Blooming eastern express and their leaky wraps!!

    Thanks for the baby wipes :) hope to see you both soon!
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