28/7 Wind, rain and free crisps

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    Left home yesterday right on track for a 9am arrival... but forgotfmy Magic Passes and had to turn back! Parked up just before half 9 and walked straight down to the entrance battling gale force winds. Went through the ERT entrance but interestingly this didn't seem to matter as all the turnstile were letting guests through is this normal?

    Anyway headed straight for Wickerman and waited around 20 mins. Asked for back row and was rather bluntly told no. Whatever Trevor. Ended up a few rows from the back and wow it was actually better than I remembered. I'd say it's the most 'fun' coaster in the UK, leaves me grinning like an idiot the whole way round. To top it off, picked up a free bag of Seabrook's from a man dressed as a packet of crisps too.

    The winds were still high so obviously Smiler was shut, as was Oblivion. Had a quick go on Th13rteen which grows on me every ride, and my gf loves it. Headed back over to X sector as Smiler and Oblivion were testing, then they both opened simultaneously. Waited 30 mins for smiler in the slowest moving queue in Europe and got on 3rd row. Yep it's stupid how rough it is for such a young ride but it hasn't yet crossed the line of roughness making it unenjoyable, still a fun ride and I'd say we are lucky to have it. Oblivion queue looked huge so didn't bother.

    Headed over to forbidden valley via Duel, always a pleasure (scored 49,600, what's the record on here?). Nemesis was a walk on so done the usual front row... Then the heavens opened. It hammered down for about half an hour so naturally done a couple more rides on Nemesis whilst all the dork guests hid in the coffee shop. Galactica was on 45 mins so didn't bother as I hate that queue line.

    Tactical move back to Wickerman hoping the rain had put people off... It had and the queue was only 20 mins. Again asked nicely for back row but was almost aggressively told no. Ended up near the front this time and whilst still good, the last few rows are significantly better and it makes a huge difference!

    The rain returned and we had a quick go on Spinball, then Oblivion, Rita, then Hex.

    Its half 5 now so of course ended the day with another ride on Wickerman. Asked for back row etc told no blah blah. Whilst I completely understand it's to keep the queue moving surely there's no harm in this? These guys work hard and deal with idiots all day and I respect that. Front row requests I get are more difficult as it's right down the other end of the station, but at the back it's really not unreasonable and doesn't disrupt the flow of the queue at all.

    Had a very good day in general and got a very good ride count considering it was a Saturday in July. My previous two visits this season were snowpening day, and then a few hours one random afternoon just to ride Wickerman and Nemesis. Despite the weather operations were very good - Wickerman i believe ran all day apart from a 20 min stoppage. Galactica was up and down, and Th13rteen remained closed for thr last hour or so. I effing love this park (usually a once per year visitor for scarefest) and whilst it's clearly gone a bit downhill its still by far the best overall theme park day out available in the UK. Wicker is a wonderful addition and a world class family coaster.

    Wickerman x 3
    Nemesis x 3
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    Posted 29th Jul 2018
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    Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
    Sounds like you had a great day at Towers @RicketyCricket! Makes me optimistic for my 2 days there in August!
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    Posted 29th Jul 2018
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    Pleased you had a good day. Was wondering what havoc the weather would play with operations but sounds like AT did a decent job
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    Posted 29th Jul 2018

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