50 European Coasters

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Thought this may be an interesting topic.

My wife recently received a "50 Scottish Gins" scratch-off poster as a gift. It got me thinking of how I'd love a rollercoaster one.

What coasters do we all think should be included on a 50 European Coasters scratch off? Rules are 1 coaster per park only, and it doesn't have to be the 'best' in the park, but more the most iconic.

A few I'd have would be Nemisis, Big One, Megafobia, Taron, Shambala, Wodan, Baron 1898, Hyperion, Untamed, Lech, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Helix.

What else should go on the list?


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I'd probably say Python is the most iconic coaster at Efteling.

Ride To Happiness - Plopsaland De Panne
Stunt fall - Parque Warner
Reustebanen - Tivoli Gardens


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Favourite Ride
Air / Blue Fire
Got to swap out Wodan for Blue Fire. Wodan is an amazing ride but Blue Fire is Mack. It launched the park (pun intended) into its current era and started Mack Rides thrill coaster lineup.


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Favourite Ride
The Giant Squid
EGF - Holiday Park
Fønix - Farup Sommerland
F.L.Y swapped for Taron
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Steeplechase - Pleasure Beadh
Goudurix - Parc Asterix

Steeplechase is a very important ride from a historical perspective being one of the last of its kind, but it’s not really that great a ride unfortunately. It’s fine as a curio but certainly the Big One, Big Dipper, Nash, and arguably even Revolution and Avalanche are more iconic coasters at the park than Steeplechase.