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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Summer_gin, 13th Jun 2015.

  1. Summer_gin

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    I was booked enchated village hotel and tickets online today, but when I all done the web page shown that I need contact them to finish my booking. Then I checked my bank statement, I already been charged.
    Then I booked again through my phone and same problem shown again. I contact their number but I been told the number will close at Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Their twitter told me I should ringing our hotel switchboard on 01538 704600 to discuss. But I will be there on Sunday night, can I just go to the hotel or ticket centre for help?
    Posted 13th Jun 2015
  2. jon81uk

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    Hotel reception is open 24hrs so someone should be able to answer on the switchboard number.
    Posted 13th Jun 2015

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