Alton Towers - 27th & 28th May 2014

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    Alton Towers Trip Report - Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th May 2014

    Despite being the school holidays, Alton Towers was surprisingly quiet!
    The weather was forecast to rain all day on both days, however we didn't get more than an hour of rain on either day. I can only assume that the forecast put some people off visiting.

    We had a very enjoyable two days at the park, with very few faults and I was very impressed overall (as the visit last October had been very poor!)
    Most rides were on full capacity, and apart from The Smiler breakdowns were minimum.

    - Single Rider Queues are very useful at the park and I wish Thorpe would bring them back!
    - Lots of re-rides on Nemesis!
    - Got on The Smiler more than expected (considering it was school holidays).

    - Four breakdowns on Smiler on the second day (only one on the first day!)
    - Skyride down until late afternoon on the second day
    - Courtyard BBQ was not up to it's usual standard, and the one at Thorpe is much better.

    - Duel is looking past it's best, and I hope it sees some work over the closed season.
    - Staff weren't their usual cheery selves.

    Tuesday 27th May:
    Nemesis x7
    The Smiler x4
    Duel x3
    Oblivion x2
    Thirteen x1
    Air x1
    Nemesis: Sub - Terra x1
    Congo River Rapids x1

    Wednesday 28th May:
    Nemesis x12
    The Smiler x4
    Duel x3
    Oblivion x1
    Thirteen x1
    Sonic Spinball x1
    Rita x1
    Hex x1
    The Flume x1

    TOTAL: 45
    Posted 29th May 2014

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