Alton Towers Opening Weekend Meet: 20-22 March 2015


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*raises hand awkwardly*
Err... is it just me that would quite like to ride the new coaster this weekend? :confused1:

A credit's a credit, right :p


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Think will be there around midday Saturday and hanging around in Rugeley afterwards for whatever jollies are going on, likely going back home and returning Sunday all day with Simon


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Just wanted to say that I hope you all have a great weekend :) I intend to be back joining meets very soon, I miss people and coasters, unfortunately 11 days after major surgery and with an 11 day old baby, it's a bit soon ;-) Have fun, guys.


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If anyone is passing through Uttoxeter between 10 and 11 and fancies helping out a poor soul - my bus isn't until 11. :(


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Iron Gwazi
Adequate day. Lovely meet, however dire operations ruin it somewhat. I'll still be going tomorrow, but I belive we're now all meeting at 11?