Alton Towers Planning Restrictions - A Guide

Discussion in 'Planning Portal' started by Rob, 19th Nov 2015.

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    We all know that there are numerous planning obstacles and restrictions when it comes to new developments at Alton Towers; they cannot just build whatever they like. However it is not always easy to know exactly what these are and what is or is not allowed to be built at Alton Towers.

    Here at TowersStreet we now have our very own Alton Towers Planning Restrictions Guide which is broken down into several parts:

    Setting the Scene
    Part One – National Planning Policy
    Part Two – Local Plan: Core Strategy
    Part Three – Local Plan: Churnet Valley Masterplan, Supplementary Planning Document
    Part Four – General Permitted Development Rights (‘GDO’)
    Part Five – Alton and Farley Conservation Area
    Part Six – The Planning Process

    So if you want to know what or where Alton Towers are likely to build major new attraction or how the planning process works then take a read! We hope it can be a useful reference point for all your planning queries.

    If anyone does have any questions about anything in the guide then do feel free to send me a PM and I'll do my best to answer.

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    Posted 19th Nov 2015
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