Alton Towers ride pronunciation


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Sorry if I have put this in the wrong section however this is my first time ever creating a thread on a forum.

Anyway over the years I have heard many Alton Towers rides pronounced incorrectly and some of them are rather amusing and I wondered if anyone else had heard similar things.
  • Nemesis pronounced nevesis - I'm not sure why but my dad has always called it nevesis and I have corrected him.
  • Rita pronounced Rata - Heard someone in the queue line behind me repeated call it Rata no idea why or where they got it from.
At the moment I can't think of anymore but have you heard anything similar or am I the only one?

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Also people calling Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park 'Nemesis'. To quote the wiki: "This is clearly unacceptable, there is only one Nemesis and it lives in Staffordshire".


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I’ve heard loads of people say The Oblivion, The Nemesis, The Rita over the years and it really grinds my gears.

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Not Alton Towers, but, at Blackpool the other day, Infusion was called ‘Invasion’…

I’ve also heard Colossus be called ‘Colossians’ and some woman at Paultons Park before said Cobra was “like The Cat and Mouse” - that one really made me heave…


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I haven’t really heard anyone mispronounce any Towers ride names myself, but I’ve heard a fair few people say Spinball Wizard instead of Spinball Whizzer if that counts?

I think the confusion comes from the song by The Who: Pinball Wizard.

It bugs me how many people just say Thirteen instead of Th13teen... :p


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Wicker Man has been pronounced a success.
Why do you decry that as wrong, out of interest? I know success is very open-ended in terms of definition, but attendance went up a lot in its opening year and it seems a hit in terms of guest feedback too!