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    The Smiler just above Nemesis
    After the long 2 hour car journey in the rain, we arrived for our 3rd visit of the season, We got on the Jellybean monorail (my favourite) and arrived at the turnstiles with our passes. As usual we arrived too late for ERT so we headed to The smiler first, There was a thirty minute queue and it was raining like hell until we got to the inside part, the strobes were better than last season in my opinion. And by the time we got to the stairs , my feet had dried off. We got train 1 and were in Row two, This was my first ride on The Smiler since October and was the smoothest by far. It wasn't the best as last season we got a brilliant ride in the front row.As the Train dropped into the darkness below,the first inversion was really disorientating and taken slowly. We emerged outside and went up the lift hill really slowly, but when we reached the top the duelling effect was working perfectly. As both trains dropped in sync it was amazing as we went down the inverted drop into the 3rd inversion.The dive loops were brilliant but the batwing even better. Got a nice pop of airtime on the hill as well. The corkscrew was the rattliest part of the ride in my opinion and the train hit the second set of block brakes with force.

    Halfway Corrected

    Then the evil laugh and up the vertical lift hill we go, the duelling effect not working as well as before. Speeding down the drop we went upside down diving down into the queue below and up into my favourite inversion in the world, the sea serpent. Into inversions number 9 and 10,up we went and twisted the right way up before being flipped upside down again and diving down into the camera and another airtime hill with another great pop of airtime, into the cobra roll, which I really like and don't find rough at all. To me it is taken gracefully, and we are hurtled into the two corkscrews and round the turn, into the worst part of the ride-the end. As we go into the shop we buy an orp using our annual pass discount.

    Time for Oblivion.

    Round the helix shaped queue we went and into the station,straight on. Staff dispatching at a brilliant pace, trying to beat their times while ensuring all passengers are safely secured. Then the announcement, "Oblivion disembarks in t minus 5 minutes and up the lift hill the shuttle creaked.
    A first time ride was sat next to us, screaming "no no no no" reminding me of the family guy bathtub gag.then over the edge we teeter and staining down at the words 'don't look down' from a colossal height. Into the mist we plunged and back up the turnaround and onto the brake run. A brilliant ride, although a bit short compared to over dive machines. We got more soaked than tidal wave on the brake run,it was horrible. So to dry off we decided to go on Enterprise ,no submission left now, just a large patch of grass as we spun around and round. Enterprise has a soft spot in my heart,so we always ride.Time to leave x-sector now a bit empty again with no submission.

    Dark forest.

    Off we went up to Rita,not my favourite but not my worst.
    The launch just never gets old,it was my first time in the rain and it made a hilarious ride GO GO GO and we were off flying around the first turn into the hill which seemed to give better airtime from last season. Round the figure of 8 we went and Rita remains in my favourite rides because of the launch and airtime. Time to go down to the woods and ride thirteen.

    The queue was short and we only had to wait two trains but as our train closed into the station a train had broken down on the launch into the station so we ended up waiting 15 minutes. worth the wait though, the trims seemed to make the ride slower than usual. Round the layout we went, twisting and turning onto the second lift hill into the crypt we went, sadly there was some first time chavs in front of us who started using inappropriate language when they were 8 year olds around. The free fall just never gets old and the shutter was working and the wraiths lit up and BANG the train dropped and someone went "that's better" little did they know the were to be launched backwards around the helix and down a little drop and up into the light again and we were launched into the station.

    For Dinner we went to CCL burger kitchen and got two kids meal because we weren't that hungry. Then we got the sky ride to my favourite area, Forbidden Valley. The first ride we went on was one of my personal favourites, Ripsaw and we realised the can you cut it? Slogan was missing which was a shame,more theming removed. But we got the best setting apart from the legendary 8 we got the setting 4 i think it is 3 flips 2back 1forward and 3 flyovers 2 forward 1 back we got hung over the water twice. Off to air we went .

    We were assigned to the 3rd row and assumed the position three times before we set off and stopped twice on the lift and glided around the dip to the fly to lie it is one of the most graceful elements on any ride and we swooped under the tunnel for the figure of it and went into the roll and over the storage shed into the final helix and someone was sick halfway around the helix onto the brake run.

    Now it was time for the mighty beast,Nemesis.we walked through the queue until the station was full but there was no one in the front row queue so we went on the front row for my first time. Oh I can see why we all love it was amazing from start to finish ,roaring through the first corkscrew and around the helix with sustained g forces of 3 gs. I could almost touch the station on the zero g roll and flew up the cliff side with Bob the skeleton on. It was a bit disappointed there was no dye in the water but amazing nonetheless as we surged through the loop and into the next corkscrew, past the bus which had a tiny bit of smoke on.

    The last helix into the brake run keeps the magic at Alton along with walking through the towers, which we did after getting the sky ride to cloud cuckoo land before having 1 more ride on oblivion and 4 more on the smiler which had 2 5 minute waits and 2 walk ones. The trains were all smooth until we got on for the 3rd time which was train number 4 which to me wasn't rough at all although I could he the rattling.Then we walked up to Towers trading where I bought a T shirt with the smiler on before having one more look back at the towers as we boarded the monorail in the cow train and got in the car for the worst ride. The ride home. The park has done really well and after a brilliant closed season,I really believe the magic is back.(apart from closed outlets)

    Day rating 9.5
    Customer service 9
    Rides count 9.5

    Total score 28
    Ride count 12

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