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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jjh123hamilton, 9th Nov 2014.

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    Basically, after watching a rather painful episode of don't tell the bride (the thorpe park one), I was thinking could a wedding be placed at alton towers? If it could, what would your day consist of? where would you hold the ceremony? Reception? What time of year would you hold it? (Special events etc). Would you theme it to a particular ride/area? Please discuss....also if this is possible, does anyone know if any actual wedding could take place at Alton Towers/in the Towers?
    Posted 9th Nov 2014
  2. Ted

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    I think I have seen a wedding inside the Alton Towers hotel before, if I did, then it was held in the hotels around the conference centre. So if I'm true you can hold a wedding at the park inside there.
    Posted 9th Nov 2014
  3. Ben

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    I believe they have stopped offering wedding packages, perhaps a couple of years ago. Which is a shame, but only the hotels could be used (and they werent authorised to hold ceremonies either).

    I could imagine if you were to get something in the actual Towers it has the potential to be brilliant. But the lack of toilets, heating, and roof in some areas are the biggest inhibitors. The last thing you want at a wedding is to have to send your guests from the Towers across the the fountain square loos!

    Maybe the ideal would be a ceremony in the chapel - as its the chapel! Photos in her Ladyships Garden, perhaps nibbles and champagne. Photos done infront and around the towers - a quick nip into the gardens too. Then over to ATH. I cant say Id be interested in the rides or anything if it were my wedding.
    Posted 9th Nov 2014
  4. Rowe

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    The new Liseberg dark ride, probably
    Whilst I don't wish to be engaged/married/having a wedding reception at Alton Towers under any circumstances (or at any theme park for that matter), I do believe that there are several venues around the resort that can be used for such events.

    As Ben said above, the chapel would be excellent as a venue for a wedding because it has the space and is essentially an extension of another religious institution like a church, but so would Her Ladyship's Gardens for a small ceremony or even the main Gardens themselves, such as on the lawn near the Earl's bust or the Conservatories. I wouldn't hold an actual ceremony inside the Towers because that would be too much of a H&S risk, no toilets/heating/roof/allowance for guests with mobility issues and... well, pigeons, as much as it would be gorgeous to use some of the huge rooms.

    For reception venues like a small party, the Swiss Cottage seems to be a great tucked away location. Towers Bar and Grill wouldn't do too badly either if you were to clear all the tables and chairs away.

    Then of course overall you have the Conference Centre between ATH and Splash which seems like the best place for either event really because of the various rooms and the bar area just after the first set of doors. It would also mean less faff when getting to the venue because it means just getting the walkway.

    As for themed weddings and receptions, it would honestly depend on the couple. If they were enthusiasts like us, I really wouldn't put it past them to try a theme around one of their favourite park roller coasters (the majority's top favourites being Nemesis and The Smiler right now) or an area theme, even ATH's theme would do well as it's fairly straightforward.
    Posted 11th Nov 2014
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    When was doing my induction for Alton Towers in September, there was a wedding reception going on in the ATH, they were waiting in the Dragon Bar foyer and then were to go into the grand ballroom, this appeared to be a themed wedding, as all the tables were themed around the different coasters from what I could see. It all looked rather grand and a nice place to hold the reception.
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    Posted 16th Nov 2014
  6. chris556

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    could work rather well that garden in full bloom in summer is fantastic add in the back drop of the ruins and sets everything off nicely, however i say could the atmosphere would be ruined very quickly by the sound of the rides and the general dirty state of said ruins there actually weeds growing in the green house now total waste video to emphises the good
    Posted 3rd Jan 2015
  7. Graeme

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    You can also hire out the room that is now the emperors grill and get married in there
    Posted 4th Jan 2015
  8. GaryH

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    Would work well on a summers day if they restored the conservatories. Could put chairs inside for the wedding, have some tables for drinks, chairs outside and music in the bandstand. Golf buggies could be used to drive guests the short distance over the Swiss Cottage for food. Obviously though thats for a small sized wedding party, any bigger the reception would need to go into the hotels.

    The wedding photos would look stunning amongst the gardens however.
    Posted 7th Jan 2015
  9. thefatone

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    They stopped doing Weddings in 2014. No more weddings :(
    Posted 9th Jan 2015

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