Best Months for visiting Europa (weather wise) etc

Discussion in 'Europa-Park Trip Plans and Reports' started by emmerse2891, 12th Sep 2021.

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    Hi guys

    I'm planning a trip with a friend next year - I've been to Europa 2 times in mid Juneonce mid Sept and once mid Oct - all times pleasant weather for the most part - I think Europa is best when you can enjoy the water rides etc.

    I would like to go for my 40th birthday in late April (26th) but was looking into it and it Says April can be on the cold side - so was thinking May possibly instead - just push it towards warmer climes

    Can anyone suggest a good month or any input if you visited in April or May? or maybe I should wait to early-Mid June?

    Oh and any notes on school holidays around then too - have googled when both France and German school holidays are (might look at Switzerlandones too) - are there any regions of note - all are similar but different! - but if theres a particular region that descends of the park - that would be good to note!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Posted 12th Sep 2021
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    The Smiler
    First off the weather part, I guess it depends on your tolerance. I did Poseidon and Tiroler Log Flume at 5°C in November a couple of years ago and dried off fairly quickly. Atlantica Supersplash is wetter but is closed in the winter season. I think April/May would be fine even if you don't really like cold weather (average high in April in Freiburg is 17°C). As for holidays, Baden Württemberg would probably be the main one to look at but in general Europa has such a good capacity that you shouldn't have to worry about crowds.
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    Posted 12th Sep 2021
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    Went last week of August last year. 25 -27 every day with glorious sunshine (although that was rather unseasonal), park was busy yet largest queue was 55 mins for Wodan, followed by 50 mins Blue Fire. Most queues were 20 -40 mins. They don't hang about there
    Posted 14th Sep 2021

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