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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ethan, 27th Oct 2018.

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  1. Ethan

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    So there is 8 main coasters at Alton towers currently, and I want to know how long you guys think each will last to. Put a list in order of when you think they will go.
    Posted 27th Oct 2018
  2. Altonadvocate1

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    Nemesis, Oblivion, Air - They could potential last many decades. They are made by B and M, the Honda of rollercoasters. If properly maintained the quality of the engineering will see them last a phenomenally long time. 40 plus years.

    Thirteen and Rita - intanim - The Peugot of rollercoasters. Look great new, won't last as long as the B and M's, but will have a 20 plus year life if properly maintained. Thirteens drop mechanism may be a weakness long term

    Wicker Man - Think model T Ford - If properly maintained can last a century (though it wouldn't be the same coaster as individual supports can easily be changed. One word though - Merlin - it won't last as long as Blackpools classics. Think Colossus, Heide Park - 22 years.

    Smiler - A tough one. Thinking cross between a 1970's Skoda and a modern Skoda. It's allready rough, it has some rust, the paints peeling, but I think the underlying engineering is good. The quality of the experience will degrade fast, but it will hang in there for 24 years.

    In terms of which will last the longest, I'm doing this from the date of build, not today.

    Oblivion It's B and M and there isn't much to go wrong.

    Nemmie and Air - Complex engineering, plenty to go wrong, but it's B and M again. The quality of the engineering is unrivalled.

    Rita and thirteen - Decent engineering, but no match for the B and M's.

    Smiler - will get rougher and rougher year on year, but will last a long time. Will be removed years before it needs to be as whilst the engineering will be safe and sound it will become an unpleasurable experience.

    Wicker Man - Wooden coaster, British weather, Merlin maintenance budgets. No criticism of GCI, they're great, but this unholy Trinity of factors won't do it any favors. 22 years.

    On the whole, they are all superbly engineered coasters from top manufacturers as opposed to say Hero, Flamingo (what where they thinking).

    Merlin though will chase the next big gimmick rather than give these great coasters the investment in maintenance they deserve.

    A crying shame really.
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    Posted 27th Oct 2018
  3. Alsty

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    Posted 27th Oct 2018
  4. Craig

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    As per Alsty's post, topic locked as being discussed elsewhere :)
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    Posted 28th Oct 2018
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