Do you find The Smiler rough?

Do you find The Smiler rough?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. Sorry if this is an unnecessary thread or if it's in the wrong subforum, but I just wanted to ask; do any of you find The Smiler rough? Only asking because it seems to be a very divisive coaster in the community; some absolutely love it and don't find it that rough, whereas others find it unbearable. One person even said that BPB's woodies were smoother, which I don't personally agree with, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion on these things!

As for what I think, I don't personally find The Smiler overly rough. I only find it to have a minor rattle and the cobra roll jolt most times I ride it. In fact, I really like The Smiler; it's my 2nd favourite Towers coaster behind Nemesis! I'll admit I did have quite a rattly ride in the back row last year, but I'd say my experiences with The Smiler's smoothness have been far more hit than miss. When I rode in row 3 in March 2018, it only had a minor rattle, and even the cobra roll jolt wasn't that noticeable, if you ask me!

I would be interested to hear what some of your thoughts are. Also, would you guys say that height plays a part in whether you find Smiler rough or not? I'm 5'8 and I don't find it overly rough, but I would be interested to see if that changes if height changes.


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I wouldn't say it's rough (at least not yet, anyway), although I do think there is a bit of a rattle, and there are some jolts that can make riding a little bit unpleasant at times. But nothing major, still a largely enjoyable coaster! :)


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I only find it rough back left. Apart from a couple of jolts it’s fine. Saw on the other hand..


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The Smiler is my second favourite coaster in the UK, I only find the cobra roll exit jolty at best, and the following corkscrew. I've only ever had one rough ride on it back in 2013, every other time has been fantastic, so in short, no.


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I've had rides in all four rows this season, and my ride count is well into double figured. There's a couple of jolts which i've noticed on a few of my rides, but i don't find it rough at all for the most part. One of the few rides i'll queue for a long time for

Austin Towers

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If someone said the woodies at BPB are smoother they haven't been on the back row of the Big Dipper but then it's hardly fair camparing a modern steel coaster to a woodie built in 1923.

I don't find it rough at all and it was my favourite ride on park until Wickerman.
I find it okay. As other people have said it has a rattle, but its not painful. I don't come off with a migraine like I do on Saw...

Also I'm about 6'2

This happens to me and my daughter

Saw doesn't jolt me or feel rough but it hurts my head in a strange way....kind of like a stabbing feeling in my brain if that makes any sense?

I gave it the benefit of the doubt after my first ride and rode it again the next time i visited

I won't be riding it again that's for sure


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I wouldn't say I found it rough the last time I was on it.

To be honest I'm more concerned about some of the noises it makes, sometimes it sounds as if one of wheels is about to come off..


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If you are finding rides rough, then that is more down to with how you are riding it. You are moving your body against the ride as oppose to with it.

I used to ride and own my own pony as a kid, for a smooth ride (especially with trotting and jumping) you have to move your body in rhythm with the pony (or horse) and then I went on to working the cruise ships, again during rough seas, you had to move your body in motion with the ship as to oppose to it. I use the same technique when riding rides.