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    I found this and thought you guys may be interested :)

    This show is a economic/behind the scenes business programme that focuses on various industries and this episode features Europa Park. The show is entirely in French, I will get that bit out of the way first - but non French speaking EP fans might still be interested in watching.

    It covers various aspects of the park and was filmed in 2018 around the time of the fire, it includes geek footage of Silver Star maintenance bay and lift hill, Can Can Coaster construction and footage inside the Mack Rides factory amongst others. They cover rides, food, shops, hotels and more.

    As part of the way this show works they often focus on the money side of things, apologies if a lot of this is common knowledge, but I thought some of the more interesting insights in the running of the park were:

    During an average summer day of 30,000 guests revenue is:
    - €1.3million on entrance tickets
    - €350,000 spend on F&B
    - €230,000 spend on merchandise
    - €940,000 income from hotels/camp resort
    Total revenue per day = €2.82million

    Average spend per guest per day is €94.

    Average of 30 shows per day, with an average of 200 spectators per show (I suspect some of the smaller shows are pulling that average down quiet far).

    That means around 6000 guests per day watching shows. The park have calculated this pulls enough people out of ride queues to reduce queues by 10 mins each on average.

    The programme focuses on a few shows - they state the jousting show in Spain costs €500,000 a year to stage. In total they spend €5,000,000 per year on the shows.


    The majority of food for the park restaurants is made in a seperate kitchen behind Euro-Mir and then sent around the park to be sold. This includes Food Loop where the 'chefs' in the restaurant are assembling and re-heating the meals made at the central kitchen.

    At Food Loop, on average they serve 1400 people per day. They gave one example in the programme of a salad with a menu price of €7.90 at Food Loop that costs them around €0.20 to make.

    Mack Rides
    Plenty of footage of Mack Rides including a look at a coaster being made for a park in California that the park in question was paying $17million for, I am sure someone can figure out what coaster that was.

    In terms of the turnover of Mack Rides it has increased from €60million a year five years ago to €80million now.

    They also mentioned the cost of turning EuroSat into CanCan Coaster - it was €25million.

    Hope that is of some interest!
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    The only Mack Coaster built in California in the last 5 years was Flight of the Hippogriff in 2016.
    Posted 24th Mar 2020
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    ^I believe he misspoke. Should have been Carolina - the coaster in question is Copperhead Strike.
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    That's fascinating - wonder how €94 a day compares to other parks? Sounds very high.
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    Posted 7th Apr 2020
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    That €94 probably includes the average spend by hotel guests on their accommodation?
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