Eurovision Sweepstake 2021!


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Well it's may 1st....

Must mean its Eurovision month. Yes the contest is just around the corner and once again I have returned to create a sweepstake. Previous prizes have been a bag of dicks and a giant poo shaped gummi. What will I find for this year? Who knows.

Anyway enough rambling...

Entry is simple. Reply to this thread saying you wish to be included and you'll be allocated at least one country. Last day for entry is Sunday 16th May and countries will be allocated to Participants using a random number generator.

Good luck!


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The allocations are as follows

@John Croatia, North Macedonia and Ukraine
@Poisson Denmark, United Kingdom
@RicketyCricket Poland, Serbia
@RoyJess Russia, San Marino and France
@jon81uk The Netherlands, Switzerland
@Skyscraper Malta, Israel and Portugal
@Rob Sweden, Spain
@Thameslink Rail Slovenia, Greece
@rob666 Australia, Moldova and Lithuania
@Jonathan Cyprus, Belgium
@MattyH Italy, Ireland
@Ben Geogia, Bulgaria
@Sir Queer Llama Germany, Azerbaijan
@Burbs Latvia, Albania
@Mike Romania, Finland
@Charlie Newbold Norway, Czech Republic
@swalesuk01 Austria, Iceland and Estonia.

There we have it good luck one and all. See below in the spoiler tag for an explanation of how I drew the names if anyone is curious.

All participants usernames were entered into an excel spreadsheet and numbered 1 to 17. They were then randomised using to give them a new number. All the countries were listed onto, then using to pick the numbers to allocate the country to. Everyone was allocated their first country before the second countries were drawn. With the remaining 5 countries I again used to pick which 5 competitors would get the extra countries.
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