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Ever had a "grey out" on a roller coaster?


TS Member
So I experienced something new today while riding "Longfeng Roller Coaster" (https://rcdb.com/11346.htm). During the second loop my vision faded quite a bit which caught me by surprise. But I hear it is normal on some coasters. If anyone has experienced this please share!
I fully greyed out on Intimidator 305 earlier this year towards the back of the train, no colour in my vision at all! I've had fuzzy vision on a number of coasters including Nitro, Backlot Stunt Coaster and Nemesis.

Closest I've ever been to black out/grey out was the most recent time I went on Revolution at BPB last month.
I've often greyed out on Nemesis at the back (mostly when I didn't get enough sleep the night before), but also on a few other inverts including the Batman clones and Katun.
It's scary, especially since if I'm not mistaken that euthanasia coaster concept uses this method albeit with many more loops.

Despite the grey out I actually liked the roller coaster a lot, but it's too rough to reride
i305, on just about every ride I did on it - although I did seem to be getting more tolerant to it towards the end of the day. There was one ride on it (which I think was my 3rd in a row without getting off) where I have no recollection from the bottom of the drop to going over the first hill!
Occasional grey out on Nemesis straight after the helix. Also Lech straight after the sidewinder.
Only when I was ill on Nemesis (I mean I was ill before going to the park, had a thumping migrane so probably shouldn't have bothered).