Finding The Origins of The Old Katanga Canyon Music.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Simon Nemeth, 5th Apr 2020.

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    I'm aware there's already a thread for park music but for reasons my own I wish to keep this isolated.

    I have been having a difficult time finding any information on this track. I know there a excerpts from it on the ATMOS71 CD (The Adventure Begins, Over The Moon) but I wanted to go back further and see if I could track down a better copy of the full version. I know it's by Mark Russell and from his Cool Music account ( know that back in the 90s he did scores for a handful of BBC Radio film series (Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Independence Day). I noticed a subtle link to at least one these series (Superman) on the Universal Productions page for ATMOS71 ( On the final song of the first section (The Final Victory) it references Superman in the songs description. I have 100% placed a few of the songs from ATMOS71 in both Superman BBC Radio series that Mark was involved with. The song I'm looking for appears to be absent. A user on here mentions it was released in 1988. Could this be a mistake? I must say it is rather illusive for a song everyone seems to have heard but nobody knows where (maybe not now, but in the late 90's, early 2000s when I first heard it).
    Posted 5th Apr 2020

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