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Discussion in 'Your Alton Towers Trip Reports and Plans' started by Charlie Thomas, 29th Sep 2018.

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    A few questions about the Alton towers Fireworks,

    1. I have bought fast-track tickets and need to collect them. How long is this queue do you think because we might have to leave earlier?
    2. Is the car parking a shambles and takes like 30 mins to get in in the morning and like 30 mins to leave in the evening. (we will be leaving at 9pm!)?
    3. How long is the pizza pasta queue at dinner time because we might just bring dinner if the queue is going to be too long.
    Thank you for your answers in advance,
    Posted 29th Sep 2018
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    All fastrack collection points will be busy until mid-afternoon, I've never bought fastrack so not sure what collection options are, though box office is the only place you can guarantee will open with the park - box office queue will be long though.

    I've never had much trouble with traffic if arriving before 10am, admittedly from the quieter Oakamoor side, but either way earlier is better. Exiting after 9pm often isn't too bad, the worst time is generally 7.30 - 8 as a lot of people leave after the show. There are always horror stories about it taking ages to get out but I've never had too much trouble leaving after ride close, though a lot depends on where you parked. If you're near the top of the main car park you'll be out in no time but if you're on the field near enchanted village it'll probably take ages. Arrive before 11 and you should be somewhere half decent. Fields could be a nightmare by then as they'll have been used most weekends during scarefest (though if it stays dry they may just be OK)

    All food outlets will be busy from 12 onwards. Good luck getting served anywhere in a reasonable time. Expect to see a queue for pizza pasta stretching half way across Katanga for most of the day - I've never felt inclined to see how long it takes.
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    Posted 29th Sep 2018
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    Towers now use hand scanners for fastrack. Have seen people printing them out at hone or showing on their phone. If that’s an option for you.
    Posted 30th Sep 2018

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