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Discussion in 'Your Trip Reports and Plans' started by optimus prime steak, 31st Oct 2012.

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    Maidstone, Kent
    Ok, considering Transformers is a 99% certainty at Universal Orlando, along with Harry Potter phase 2, I'm looking to try and get out there once the two are open.

    I've heard rumors Transformers will be open by this time next year, but I'm not familiar with the timescales on the Harry Potter/London area expansion.

    Any ideas on when in 2014 would be a good idea to get out to sunny Florida? I've looked at either May or September as a rough idea.
    Posted 31st Oct 2012
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    I thought HP was 2015, but not sure.

    We went at the end of May start of June in 2009 and the first week was really dead. We only waited a few mins for most rides (pre HP) The second week was busier but still hardly waited due to using single riders.

    It was very hot and by the second week got even hotter!
    Posted 31st Oct 2012

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