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Hi all,

Just a quick one on image uploads/embedding in posts. There's been a few occasions where people have shared images, but have not resized/aligned them properly. Whilst the forum will resize embedded images to an extent, the lack of editing often makes the post unreadable. When you embed an image into a post, once it's uploaded you'll be able to tap/click on it and then resize it using the squares in the corner of each image. You can make it as small as you need to, as clicking it will display the full size image, and you'll also be able to align it as necessary using the align button as shown in the red squares below:


If you're adding text after the image, don't forget to hit return so that it starts on a new line rather than wrapping around the image. It'll make things far more readable for others. There is sometimes a bit of a freak out with mobile browsers when adding text after inserting an image. If you just hit the preview option and then flick back again, it'll usually kick things back into touch again.

And finally, don't forget to utilise that preview button before posting. It'll show you how the post is going to look, and allow you to make changes before submitting.

Thanks all :)
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Luddite question. If the forum automatically does some resizing will we know if we need to resize, if that makes sense?