Haunted House 3D Recreation (& more)


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I couldnt think where to put this so thought i'd make a topic

I'm doing a Kickstarter campaign to realistically recreate lost scenes from the Haunted House, as part of an upcoming book about attraction designer Keith Sparks and the studio that created the original ride. More about the book (including a lot more on Alton Towers' past as well) in the video on the Kickstarter page.

After exhausting every lead, I traced most the finished Haunted House ride photos to a fire that destroyed most the Sparks archive some years ago. However hundreds of production records, flash photos, workshop pictures and videotapes did surface, meaning we now have reference for almost every detail in the original ride.

This is special because the Haunted House was changed a lot within just 2-3 weeks of opening in 1992 (not many know about this because it was changed so fast). We even found outtakes from when the ride was photographed but not the full lighting pictures.

Matching the material with technical layouts, it's now possible to recreate the missing scenes with 3D modelling and digital lighting. The renders will appear alongside any surviving real photos and be checked by the original lighting designers. If you've seen something like Virtual Towers Online you'll see how realistic this can look. So why let a fire keep a piece of British theme park history lost forever?!

By funding this Kickstarter we can record these classic attractions to complete the book on Sparks. Any further volunteers will also be extremely welcome! We need to beat the target to get the funds, otherwise no donations will go ahead and the recreation project will have to be called off.

The book should be ready summer next year but the plan is you wont have to buy the book to see the recreations. Thanks for reading! Throw any questions at me!
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