Have you ever found a roller coaster too intense?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I know that many of us on this forum like intensity in a coaster; Nemesis is intense, and that gets critical acclaim on this site, for a start! But I thought it might be interesting if I asked; has a coaster ever been too intense for you? Have you ever been exposed to such dramatic g-forces on a ride that you went "nope, that was way too intense for me!"? Have you ever even felt ill or injured getting off a ride due to the sheer intensity of it?

Now, I personally like intensity to an extent; Montu is my #3, Nemesis is my #5 and I have many other intense coasters lurking around the top part of my coaster rankings. However, the type of intensity I'd say I like is what I'd call "varied g-force"; I'm not sure I could really describe it, but it's the kind you get on many B&Ms, and rides like The Smiler, if you get what I mean. However, I must say I'm really not a fan of what I'd call "pure g-force", and those rides that have it are the types of rides that I'd say I found too intense to really enjoy. The rides I'd personally say have it, as well as the rides I personally found too intense to enjoy, include:
  • Manta at SeaWorld Orlando - Here, I'm mainly referring to the pretzel loop at the very start of the ride; I could tell that that element was intense, but I just felt all the blood rushing to my head and I felt really quite strange as well as the usual blurred vision you get with g-forces; I wasn't really a huge fan. I know some people like these pretzel loops, but they're not really for me. The rest of the coaster wasn't overly intense, but the pretzel loop was really extremely intense, and it's an example of where I personally found intensity too much to enjoy.
  • SAW: The Ride at Thorpe Park - Now, I wouldn't say Saw really has pure, sustained g-force as such like Manta's pretzel loop above did, but I'd say it definitely had moments where it properly messed with me due to the sheer intensity of it. I'm not sure if the roughness helped, but in particular, I thought that the post-MCBR on Saw where it dives off the MCBR and into that dive loop was a bit much for me, personally.
Those are the only two I can think of at the moment, but would you guys say there have ever been coasters that you found too much?

Ryan B

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I was out cold on stealth for a couple of seconds once, after 10s of rides on them Pass holder nights. Knew because I whacked my head on the seat in front, eyes opened and I was 200ft in the air. Presumably that was down to me overriding something and putting myself under too much stress. Revolution at Blackpool has had me close to the grey out feeling as well. As for never again? Any flat ride that holds you upside down makes my head go funny, there's one that looks like a claw that I've completely forgotten the name of that goes to a few fairs that I refuse to ride. Other than that I don't get too bothered.


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I've certainly greyed out a few times on Nemesis and recently had a similar moment on Inferno. I also haven't ridden a Vekoma SLC since, perhaps, 2011 as they cause me severe pains.


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There are rides that I feel arn't as good as they could be because they focus too much on being intense. It is the reason Nemesis is far better than Nemesis Inferno. With Nemesis you get a variety of forces spread evenly through the layout. Inferno is just 4 inversions in a row with a helix thrown in at the end.

I've had this issue with Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Kraken and Manta. All big american B&Ms. Montu however was fine. In that rides case it was so big you could feel the full range of different forces in each element, so it wasn't just an intense experience.


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Tornado at Bakken is by far the most consistently intense ride I’ve experienced. It’s a spinner so of course experiences will vary, but the spinning we experienced was unrelenting to the point of unpleasant. From hitting the lift (which is more like a launch) to flying into the brakes I couldn’t really tell you what happened. It took us both about 30 minutes to gather ourselves back to a state of being able to properly function.


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I can't say that I find any rides too intense. But if you asked if I find any rides nauseating, then that is a different answer


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Tatsu is pretty full on during the pretzel loop for the reasons you mentioned for Manta, not something I enjoy being on time after time.

Eejanaika, Skytrak and Goudurix are/were too rough to enjoy time and time again but not particularly intense.
You actually got to ride Skytrack Rick?
Absolute green eyed jealousy.
On topic, as an old git I have a three ride limit now on Nemesis, foot tingle turns to pain around then.
But I can manage Smiler without puking on mates trainers.


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Lech Coaster is actually the only coaster that has caused me to 'grey out', up until riding that recently I honestly had no idea what people meant by this. The sustained g force from the first drop to the first air time hill is utterly relentless but I still found it enjoyable.

Tornado is another one where I would agree that the intensity is mental, but that is not a pleasant experience at all. The aerial teacups (forget the name) at Phantasialand can be spun to such an extent as to be 'too intense' also, certainly.

Never understood the fuss over Nemesis or Manta though.


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Not intense, but elements on both Manta and Galactica play havoc with a certain tooth filling which makes riding them not enjoyable.


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Colossus at Thorpe is the only coaster I've ever greyed out on. Which is odd as I've ridden other coasters like Jetline just fine and that felt more intense.


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I've found two.

Wipeout at Pleasurewood Hills, the backwards bit into the Cobra Roll when it pulls over 5g and I just don't enjoy it. It's not a ride I can comfortably run around again and again.

Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Again backwards, this time as it reached the beginning of the loop it was awful.

I think the whole not being able to see what's coming doesn't help


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Manta's pretzel loop towards the rear of the train (perfectly fine at the front and middle) and Lech following the first inversion. Despite hating the sensation of the grey out from them, they both sit in my top 3...