Layout Geek League 2016-17


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It's that time of year again folks!

Rob: 77 points
Sammy: 48 points
RussellH: 19 points
Rick: 8 points
DiogoJ42: 5 points
Bear: 4 points
Marcus: 3 points

Those of you new peeps who have not seen this before, Click here to see last year's topic... Click here to see the year before that.

Same rules as last time, so forgive the copy and paste...


* No UK coasters allowed, they are too obvious.

* Unique layouts only. No clones or "off the shelf" models. Rides that have been demolished or are SBNO are allowed (provided accurate plans are available), but rides under construction or unbuilt concepts are a no-no.

* No drawing from memory. Drawings should be traced from aerial photos or actual blueprints. They don't have to be perfect, but the proportions should be as accurate as reasonably possible with MS Paint. (Other, better graphics software is available for free). A scribble of what you think a ride does is not good enough.

* Please avoid drawing freehand. Use the line tools to avoid that "scribble" look.

* Do not mark the station or anything else. Just a plain black line showing a plan view of the track.

* (Optional) For added difficulty, you may, if you want to, rotate your layout (so up is not necessarily north). This is not compulsory, but it will help make it harder to guess if you think it might be an easy one. If you do rotate it, do not tell people about it. DO NOT flip, or mirror the image.

* Clues: If no one can guess your coaster, then it's time for clues, but try to start with something vague. If we still need more clues, you may get progressively more obvious, up to a maximum of four clues (see below for scoring).

* If an entry is disqualified for any reason (such as not being unique), then the player in the lead gets to post a new entry.


Once people have started earning points, I will edit this post to have a leaderboard.

* If you guess a coaster correctly with no clues, you score 5 points.

* If you guess correctly after clues have been given, you score one less point for each clue. (One clue = 4 points, two clues = 3 points, three clues = 2 points, four clues = 1 point.) Clues should be given when it's clear no one can get it, or more than one person asks for one, or if @John does not know the answer.

* If after four clues have been given, no one can guess the coaster, then the player who posted the layout has won. This player scores 5 points. If this happens, I will post a new layout for the next round.


The contest will close on the first day of Alton Towers' 2017 season (25th of March). The member with the most points on that date wins.

(Terms and conditions apply. Prize may or may not include an actual prize. Your arse may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments. One rear entry per team member. Your right to request lube is forfit. By taking part in this game you consent to buying the organiser a drink at the time of his choosing. Your image may be used in voodoo magic. The organiser's decision on who is hottest is final. Winning may not be possible due to wild bison. This does affect your basic human rights.)

Enough talk. Here's the first layout!


May the biggest geek win! :p
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YES... Highlight of the closed season!

Also, Tatsu ;)


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Hopefully I'll get one at some point! :p

Also edited your initial post Diogo as it said the contest would end at the start of the 2016 season! ;)


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Doh, the problem with copy/pasting last year's rules while drinking....
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Woo! Joint first place!

I'm sure the aerial map of this one was a little wonky, so some of the elements may appear a little misshapen but I favoured accuracy of tracing over guesstimating what a true flat down view would appear like.



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Desert Race?

That was my initial thought too, however from a map the ending is still rather curved like Rita, also the turns at the start are much closer together?

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