Legolandia Windsor 10/10/2020

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    Taken me longer to get around to this than I would have hoped but... Here we are!

    Once again my travels found me at Legoland Windsor. This park seems to shut earlier every year, with a ride closing time of just 6pm but the park not closing until 7pm on the date of our visit.

    We arrived early and after temp checking and ticket scanning found ourselves with plenty of time to get a hot drink, we had to go to the costa as the resturant at the top wasn't open.

    We headed down past the traffic area to Deep Sea Adventure, a ride which on my last visit had been full of broken effects and looking tired and rundown. However, the retheme of the ride surpassed my expectations of a cheap overlay and the buttons being reused, There is a new theme with all the boards updated and not just redone in a different colour. The ride felt fresh and new.

    While waiting for this the Legoland Express passed and the level crossing barriers now have a very high pitched siren which wasn't nice.

    After Deep Sea we headed across to Mia's Riding Adventure, the parks Disk-O thingamagic. Here we saw the only bad operations of the day, whereby the host allowed guests to walk up the stairs and take a seat on the ride and then had to come along and reseat people in order to allow groups to sit together and social distancing be in effect. A fantastic display of Faff. Once the ride was actually underway, it was worth the faff inorder to get a great view of the Flying Theatre Building that's comming next year, the building is huge and hopefully it will be another high capacity ride which is something the park needs.

    Comming off Mia and wandering past Laser Raiders with an advertised 80 minute queue, we went on to the Pirate Falls area, we queued 10 minutes for a ride on Spinning Spider and then decided to give Pirate Falls:Treasure Quest a go, this was great fun but truly the definition of Unacceptable Wetness as it took the rest of the day for us to dry off.

    Looking for some quick food between rides we saw that the burger kitchen queue was heading back past the toilets towards the area to the entrance so we had to go for some Rollover Hotdogs just to avoid waisting

    After our lunch, we headed to Ninjago, with the queue back to the entrance but with Social Distancing we were on in about 40 minutes, during the ride for some reason we ended up stopped for about 5-10 minutes towards the end which meant we managed to rack up some very large scores. My score was 239,000 points but one member of our party ended up on 500,000 points.

    Once we'd had our ride on Ninjago we headed across and headed to Coastguard HQ for a leisurley boat ride. The queue for this was advertised at 45 but we only queued 25, It was good to see three lanes in operation at the station and queueing allowed over the bridge when it wasn't being allowed on my last visit.

    Next up, we headed to Haunted House Monster Party which still suffers from a badly designed queue and not being put in a hole, but the ride experience itself is still one of the best on park. After this we meandered up towards Fairy Tale Brook, which is still looking great and an enjoyable ride before heading for a second go on Spinning Spider.

    With time running out before the 6pm close, we tried to get a ride on Viking River Splash but with the queue back to the entrance decided better off it and decided to head to the Dragon, Which although the queue was down to the entrace we only queued for 30 minutes or so with the queue moving at a steady pace, we came off with just enough time to re-join the queue for a second go, this time securing a front row ride.

    So with rides closed, we wandered back through the delights of Miniland and headed to the entrance and the car park.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the way the park was handelling cleaning and throughputs were definitely benefiting from the lack of Q-Bots, it made the overall experience of Legoland really good, with good atmosphere, the crowd levels were definitely being limited and there was always plenty of space to keep a distance, something I had been concerned about before my visit, the park was very clean and I was impressed considering the reputation the place has on here.
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    Posted 27th Oct 2020
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    The park is always clean and well presented.

    The queues/throuhputs are inherently an issue as much of the hardware is fairly low end and struggles with the numbers the park welcomes.

    Atmosphere tends to be fine, really.

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    Posted 21st Nov 2020

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