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    That’s very interesting; I’d have thought Oblivion would be pretty risky for glasses wearers compared to Rita, as would Smiler, just to name a few examples!

    I wonder what about Rita makes them deem it a greater risk to wear glasses on it than any of the others?
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    Perhaps it's because Rita might push the glasses into your face too much and possibly cause damage.
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  3. Quetzal

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    Surely it's the damage flying glasses could do to others on Rita when compared to other rides?
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    Interesting rule re: glasses / strap required on Rita. I wear Oakley "eye jacket" sunglasses (so a fairly tightly fitting polycarbonate frame on the sunglasses).

    On Mako at SeaWorld Orlando they have never become remotely loose & this ride has steep fast drops and ejector-seat airtime on the hills. Oakleys stay on every time. We've done this ride many times in a day (think like 50) and when we get to the front of the queue and guests in front of us are enquiring to the host if sunglasses will come off they have on more than one occasion just pointed at us and said "they've been on this ride xx times today and still have their sunglasses".

    With Mako, the big problem is loose items in loose pockets - normally mobile phones. On two occasions we have had phones flying towards our faces on the airtime hills from a row in front. Thankfully we've managed to deflect both of them off to a watery grave in the lake below.
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    If your glasses aren't very snug fitting, you are more likely to lose them in the acceleration out of the station and into the first bend on rita than on any other ride.
    Simple fact, only ride at the Towers I have nearly lost my glasses where my "strap on" has not been tight.
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    Mine have always been ok on Rita, it's the first inversion before the lift hill on The Smiler that I feel mine leave the bridge of my nose, probably because that inversion is so slow, they have time to do that.

    I still haven't worked out why they never fall off on Hex... :D
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