Major new theme park coming to the USA; announcement due next month

Matt N

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Hi guys. According to Theme Park Tourist, a major new theme park for the USA is set to be announced in May:

The announcement was originally due for next week, but has been delayed to May for unknown reasons.

In terms of what we currently know; not a lot, unfortunately. According to Robert Niles, the editor of Theme Park Tourist, the park will be a “multi-land themed park” as opposed to an “iron park”, and a design studio that has done work for numerous different big parks in the USA is working on the project. I don’t know any more than that at the moment, unfortunately, but I’m sure all will be revealed in due course!

Exciting news, don’t you think? I wonder what the park will entail, and where in the USA it will be built? I’m certainly looking forward to the announcement, that’s for sure!