Mon 30th or Tues 31st?

Discussion in 'Your Alton Towers Trip Reports and Plans' started by boydie86, 10th Oct 2017.

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    Hello, I was planning on going to the park during the week beginning Monday the 30th (when most schools are back after half term).
    I was just wondering what date you think will be least busy, Mon 30th or Tues 31st?
    I've heard Monday is busier than Tuesdays usually but with Tuesday being halloween do you think this will be still be the case?
    How busy do you think they will be in general? Annoyingly the park is closed Weds-Friday
    Posted 10th Oct 2017
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    The park is closed Wed-Fri due to Scarefest take down and Fireworks preparation.

    I would go the 31st. It is unlikely to be busy (I haven't seen any evening ticket offers or anything) and there'll be a zest in the air due to Halloween!
    Posted 10th Oct 2017
  3. RoyJess

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    Welcome to the forum boydie86,

    I'm there on both days and hoping that it will be quiet on both days as kids are back at school in most areas. The evening might get busy with locals turning up especially on the 31st, but shouldn't be as any where near as busy as the half term week.
    Posted 10th Oct 2017

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