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Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

Matt N

TS Member
Favourite Ride
Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
Hi guys. Often when at a theme park, you'll find an attraction you really like and want to reride it. Sometimes, you might even be inclined to ride it over and over. You might ride it as many times as you can hack, or as many times as you're able to queue for it for. So my question to you today is; what is the highest number of rides you've ever had on one attraction in a single day?

I'll get the ball rolling with my answer.

My current record is 6 rides on Silver Star at Europa Park, and this was set very recently, on 29th April 2022.

For some idea of previous record holders, here's my top 3:
  1. Silver Star at Europa Park - 6 rides - 29th April 2022
  2. The Swarm at Thorpe Park - 5 rides - 7th September 2021
  3. Megafobia at Oakwood Theme Park - 4 rides - 26th May 2019
After that, there are a fair amount of attractions tied at 3 rides in 1 day.

But what is your current record for the most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?
According to my ridecount (cheeky plug there for the team), my one and two were both on the same day - 12 rides on Jetline and 11 on Twister at Grönä Lund back in July 2016. Both were admittedly set on exclusive ERT time for our group - not sure if they'd have been achievable on that day otherwise!
Yeah it was 25 laps of Lech. I've also done 22 laps of Nemesis in a morning.
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I don't count...even at the time, but the two that stand out...
Staying on the Blackpool Mouse for two consecutive rides without getting off!
Very rare treat with zero queue and just a couple of other punters meant I could just slowly roll through the station.
That was part of an hours non stop riding at the end of an off peak rainy weekday in termtime, always the best time to get a dozen rides in.
The other was being allowed to stay in our seats on the Towers Rapids for about an hour after lunch, quite soon after they opened.
Termtime weekday again.
We only got off because my mate was seasick!
Gave up on an hours ert on the Big One because it had beaten me up completely in about 40 minutes.
We had to walk round the exit, but that gave you recovery time.
8 on nemesis on a jlp takeover day. We did 5 consecutive rides on pirates at DLP, there had been a massive hailstorm and the staff kept sending us round so we could stay inside
Most without leaving the station was 27 rides on Joris at Efteling. It was during one of their midnight closes and it was so quiet they let everyone stay on. I swapped between sides a few times as they opened the gate in the middle of the station. I was on it for so long a staff member approached me and asked if I had left my bag as they was concerned someone had forgotten it so they moved it to the op cabin.

I also managed 15 goes on i305 but had to leave the station and run back round to an empty station. Before this happened I had never greyed out on a ride but wanted to experience it. By ride 10 I was greying out on every lap
64 rides on Runaway Train at American Adventure in the park’s last few years.

I believe that this was in 2005, when Runaway Train was one of only two thrill rides in the park, and virtually every day that year was a dead day.

Anyone who ever went on this ride will remember that this was far more intense than your average mine train.
During normal park operations I got 30+ goes on Rollercoaster (now Nick Streak) on a Sunday afternoon. Back in the pre Nickelodeon land days when it was constantly being rumoured it would be getting removed.
30+ on Inferno back when Thorpe had SRQ's. Got on pretty much every train dispatched.

Most memorable though...

10+ on Joris at night
10 + on Phoenix at Knoebels
10+ on Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom
10+ on Taron ERT