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Discussion in 'Box Office' started by Slugjc, 17th Jun 2015.

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    Dear towersstreet community.

    This is a cry for help, and one which I know you lovely people will be able to help me with. Its my missies birthday in August. She has asked, much to my joy for a SNES with Zelda. Now in my house we have a budget to spend on each other for Christmas and birthdays. This is £30, and to be honest on that budget getting the two is more or less impossible. I did win an ebay auction for a SNES with Zelda cartridge for £15 for which I leapt for joy, until it was re-listed with a starting price of £16.

    I thought I was all out of ideas until I came up with a last resort. Now I can get a original wii for around £10-20 in various places but I need some help with the Nintendo eshop, and here is where I need you peoples help. Could someone please tell me if Zelda a link to the past is available on the Nintendo eshop for the said device?

    Your help would be greatly acknowledged.

    Posted 17th Jun 2015
  2. IanB

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    I do not remember the Wii having a e-shop, but this could of changed in the later software updates. A quick google does not make any mention of it either.

    Have you tried visiting a few car boots to see if anyone is selling a SNES cheaply?

    I also hope you reported the Ebay Seller. It is one of the things that puts me off using ebay these days.

    Posted 18th Jun 2015
  3. Ted

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    I know the Wii does have some sort of store. And it has a selection of SNES games which you can play and Link To The Past is available on there.
    Posted 18th Jun 2015
  4. bluesonichd

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    I have Zelda link to the past downloaded on my WiiU from the eShop I would think it would be the same for Wii
    think was about £5
    Posted 18th Jun 2015
  5. Stelios

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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past like most SNES Games costs 800 Wii Points (about £8) back in the day with Wii Points Cards, but eShop cards can also be used to convert into Wii Points so I'm unsure on the exchange rate there for eShop credit to Wii Points, but I know that it will be less than £8 on the eShop. Can't check for exact atm, but I'm thinking £5.99. But you must own a Wii U for this. GL and enjoy.
    Posted 20th Jun 2015

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