Oktoberfest - Weds 16th September

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    Ventured to Alton Towers this week for the first visit in over a year and my first theme park visit since Europa Park in December 2019.

    I was really looking forward to Oktoberfest since it was announced earlier in the year, so it was a much anticipated trip!

    We arrived at the park entrance just before 11am, crowds were low which was great, and the longest queue all day was around 20mins, there were longer posted queue times but we just kept checking the app and working around the park, at one point 13 was posting a 70 min wait but we went on around 5pm and only waited 5 mins.

    Between arrival and ride close at 6pm we managed:

    Nemesis x2
    Wickerman x2
    Marauders Mayhem
    Runaway Mine Train
    The Smiler
    Spinball Whizzer

    Operations were great all day and I was very impressed with the social distancing measures (low crowds helped with that of course). Hand sanitiser was everywhere and one way systems were being observed etc, overall we felt very safe.

    We spent a good amount of time during the day in the Oktoberfest area, staying in the park until nearly 7pm was a rare treat for Alton Towers on a weekday in September! In previous years we would have been kicked out hours ago and been sat on the sofa at home by that point.

    The area was really chilled with the entertainment and fire pits to help keep warm as the sun was starting to set. We tried the Bratwurst, loaded fries, brownies and of course the beer! Whilst pricey the food was good, and sharing the fries, bratwurst and brownie between two was plenty of food for us.

    Overall it was a great day, in fact probably one of my favourite at Alton Towers for many years. The later opening hours mean for a much more chilled day out where you don’t feel the need to have to rush from ride to ride, and the entertainment was great to see as this has been lacking for while now.

    Let’s hope the powers that be bring Oktoberfest back for 2021 as I will definitely be there! Prost!

    Posted 20th Sep 2020
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    Thorpe Willoughby
    Sounds like a dream day! :D Loved Oktoberfest too, just added a lovely vibe to the whole weekend we experienced it, can only see it improving in future years.
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    Posted 8th Oct 2020
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    Good report and i agree - I went with a mate and had one of my best Alton days in a long time,
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    Posted 8th Oct 2020

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