Phantasialand - 2020: Rookburgh Launched Flyer and General Discussion

Discussion in 'European Parks and Attractions' started by Sam, 30th Sep 2014.

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    Just a few things from my visit:
    -River Quest has been down the past two days which I'm gutted about.
    -It stinks of pure sewage around that area.
    -After reading everyone saying how the prefer Force over Fear?! What the hell, Fear is so much better...longer and more forceful!
    -Taron at night is a pure joy, when it stops raining that is haha! Wow it's gorgeous is everyway.
    -Can someone explain the splash battle, it was a nice rest! But, were the targets meant to do anything?
    -Hotel Ling Bo is amazing!
    -Again with the community slating Mystery Castle, my expectations were low! I've been on it a lot and can see the different cycles, but even with the shortest one it's still a big wow for me!
    -I didn't get to ride Talcon at the back, I asked but it was a very clear no!

    Thanks guys x
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    Under your bed...
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    The Metropolitan Line
    I don't think I've ever seen anyone say Force is better than Fear...?
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    Steel Vengeance
    Might be something to do with the toilets. They have a habit of cropping up round these parts now.
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    Between a rock and a hard place
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    Force undoubtedly has the best trick-track, but Fear is by far a better coaster in terms of layout. This tends to be the view of many enthusiasts I’ve spoke to.

    It is a bit concerning the amount of downtime River Quest has been having of late. That said, it’s no spring chicken these days. Perhaps it’s getting ready for a more drastic mechanical overhaul.

    In terms of Wakobato (the splash, ahem, “battle”) the targets did used to trigger rather basic water features. However, many of these tend to be broken or disabled these days. For several years that whole end of the park was effectively left to rot. It was only in the past few years that any notable TLC was given, replacing rotten wood and recovering the buildings with artificial turf. It’s a shame really, as aesthetically it’s a nice little area. It’s just such a non-event.

    Due to the proximity to the locals (their gardens literally back up to the park) it’s incredibly difficult to build anything of note down there. There has been a history of complaints around noise from the attractions in that area (and by attractions I literally just mean Wakobato and the old rope walkway courses). In a park with such limited access to land, to have an area like that sat effectively empty is extremely frustrating.
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    Which is which? I think it was the one loading on the left that I preferred.
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    The one on the left is Force.

    As for Rookburgh the construction of the hotel has now been finished (estimated at around 110 rooms); so just theming everything, fitting out and furnishing the hotel and testing F.L.Y. left to do.

    Allegedly a full circuit pull through test with an actual train took place this weekend.
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