Phantasialand - June 2020

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    I got a chance to visit Phantasialand this week, so I'm writing a little review. It's my first time doing such a report and aside from that English isn't my mother language.

    My visit was on June 16. Ironically, the same time I planned to visit Alton Towers. Well, you have to take what you can get. It was a warm rainy day. Because of the weather, being a weekday and the reduced capacity the queues were pretty small or nonexistent. The longest wait was Taron (and a place to get food) with about 15 minutes.

    I was visiting with a friend of mine. We have arrived the main entrance around 11am (because public transport).
    First we went to Wuze Town and I got a glimpse of F.L.Y. through a gap in the wall. Our first ride was on Winja's. It was quite intense and surprising. We first got the Force side. Later the day we rode Fear. I liked Force a bit more. Then we headed to Crazy Bats without VR. Honestly I really liked the ride. You can't see anything and the layout is smooth and simple. A perfect start for the day. Something to warm up. Hopefully I can experience it with the supposed VR some day.

    On our way to Mystery Castle, we rode Geister Rikscha and Colorado Adventure. Colorado was more intense than I expected. It was fun though. Mystery Castle was my first big trop tower. I was quite nervous but in the end I liked it! It helped me that I didn't see the real height of that thing while being at the hightest point. I wish the length of it would be a bit longer with more show effects and talking.

    Next stop was River Quest. My friend didn't know about the elevator and the big drop after that so that was fun to watch.

    Now we went to Taron. The speed of that ride is insane. It was already fast after the first launch but the second launch blow me away. There was no time to relax. But honestly I didn't like the fast transitions that much. I found it rough. We rode it a second time a few hours later. It started to drizzle and I only had one eye open. That was an experience I would say. We also got a chance to ride in the first row.
    We also got a ride on Raik. It was fine.

    My friend went on Talocan. I skipped that thing because I didn't feel brave enough. Still it was funny to watch because he was the only rider...really. Just one person chilling in the middle.
    Now we went to Black Mamba. My first inverted coaster. After we hit the final break I wanted to ride again! I loved it! Yes you can feel the G-force stronger than Taron, but it was soooo smooth and the inversions were fun. So we did a second round. This is now my favourite coaster at PHL. Now I can't wait to try Nemesis at AT ^^

    Well now the fun went a bit downhill. The next two hours was in pouring rain. We were queuing for Colorado Adventure but they closed the ride bc of the rain. We now did indoor attractions. Winja's, Crazy Bats, Mystery Castle and Mouse au Chocolate. We noticed that Taron was still running with lots of guests. They didn't seem to care about rain. We also skipped Chiapas (the log flume). That's the only attraction I didn't do despite I planned to do. We left the park one hour before closing. I was a bit sad I couldn't ride Black Mamba a third time.

    Final thoughts: I'm happy I still got to a theme park during my vacation. I originally planned to visit PHL when Rookburgh opens but it was a sponaneous chance bc I was visiting friends nearby. Despite the bad weather I had a good day. Wearing the mask during the ride was fine. Just staying the queue was annoying bc it got sweaty under it.
    All in all my first theme park in 2020 was a sucess :D
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    Posted 21st Jun 2020
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    It's a great park, glad you enjoyed your day. I'd do anything for a ride on Taron right now, very jealous.

    If you enjoyed Mamba you will LOVE Nemesis. It's similar in length but a lot more intense.
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    Posted 21st Jun 2020
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    Forest of Dean
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    Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
    Great report, and considering you say that English isn’t your first language, your English is fantastic!

    I would love to visit Phantasialand some day, and it sounds like you had a great day! Nice to see forum members posting trip reports again!
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    Posted 21st Jun 2020
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    Great read. I want to go back so bad now. Love Talocan and Mystery Castle.
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    Posted 3rd Jul 2020
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    What was in place before taron got built?

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    Silver City (wild west themed area) and the Silbermine dark ride.
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