Phantasialand Premium Pass - Worth Getting?

Discussion in 'Your Trip Reports and Plans' started by Ted, 23rd Mar 2019.

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    Hi folks. I've been planning some of my 2020 trips and I was interested to tick off Phantasialand in particular. I saw the Premium pass (or Erlebins-pass) and the benefits really did appeal to me as I would like to make multiple visits to Cologne. Plus I was planning to eventually tick off Efteling and revisit Liseberg and Europa as that provides free entry.

    However I noticed as well that Europa and Pleasure Beach also do their own type of similar pass as well. Europa in particular has more partner parks and seems like it's better value for money. Particularly as well I had planned to only have the Phantasialand pass for a year and then switch to the Europa clubcard for 2021.

    In most cases though the cards offer 1 visit to another certain park. Which brings me to a few questions.

    1. For the "once visit limit", I take you can't plan 2+ days in 1 visit and it's actually only for 1 day

    2. For the Phantasialand version, it has 35% off hotels, but there's also an offer for 25% without the pass. Can these be combined together?

    3. Are there any other parks that also do the passes, and if so, who?

    Apologies if this may seem confusing, but to put it simply. I plan to visit Phantasia multiple times in 2020, using their pass, then switch to Europa's. :)
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    Posted 23rd Mar 2019
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    Yes the 1 free entry for EP, Efteling and Liseberg equates to 1 day.
    And you cannot combine the discount with other discounts.

    Personally I've got great use out of having one and would recommend it. Its great for multiple visits to PHL, the discounts for food, drink and merch in the park and 3 quick passes every day you visit are really helpful. I use it for EP (usually do 2 days here but it means I only need to pay for 1) and Efteling; and I've made use of some of the other discounts viable for entry to other parks (and some various zoos in Belgium and Holland) - some examples being: Holiday Park, Bellewaerde, the Plopsa parks and Walibi Belgium (40%). Bobbejaanland (50%). Toverland (20%).
    However I do visit PHL multiple times a year because I have family nearby to stay with and then use as a base for going to other surrounding parks so the pass suits me perfectly.

    But whether it is worth getting for you really depends on your plans for that year. If you are definitely intending to do multiple visits to PHL that year and just once to some of the other parks then yes I'd say its worth it. Sure even just a 2 day visit in the summer and a 2 day visit for Wintertraum - you have already got your moneys worth and the additional discounts and entries to other parks are a bonus.
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    Posted 24th Mar 2019

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