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Helix <3
I know they’re a bit divisive, but I’ve recently started wearing cargo trousers to parks, and I have to say, I find them brilliantly practical! I now have a pair that has numerous zip pockets on it, as well as numerous button pockets, so I’m certainly not short of secure pocketing options!

Personally, I find it works really well, because I can use my phone, for instance, to do things like take pictures and do dispatch timings in the queues, and then just slide it back into my zip pocket before getting on the ride!
Agree with you there on cargo trousers (or cargo shorts if the weather’s warm enough), Matt. So useful around parks, though I do sometimes put stuff in my bag before boarding, depending on the ride. Only just had enough space in my small DSLR bag when I visited Energylandia in 2018 and went on Hyperion, where you HAVE to empty your pockets of anything that’s in them. I tend to take a more standard-size rucksack on parks anyway, so it’s not usually a problem. Don’t like wearing jeans at parks, as they can be problematic if going on water rides. Jackets with zip-up pockets can be useful as well.


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Does anyone know what time the Resort Box Office opens? Does it open at around 9 when the park gates open or later?


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They're certainly selling this year. Platinum Fastrack is sold out for the first 5 days in September already.
Perhaps that's the real reason why they won't update their crap opening hours until the last minute? People logging on knowing how busy it's been, seeing 6 hour days and scrambling to buy fast tracks to compensate


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Thanks. That’s a shame, any ideas why seeing that Chessington, for example is running ERT?

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it’s a mixture of being able to save some cash on staffing, the issues they are having with recruitment in general and the fact they are easily flogging hotel rooms this year without needing to offer ERT as a perk.


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Even without the exclusive ride time you can get loads of rides in the morning if you head straight to the back of the park first thing. :)