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Hi all, I'm looking fir self catering accommodation near the park as I have a baby and don't fancy sitting in the dark in the hotel room from 7 o clock with the sleeping baby! I was wondering if anyone could suggest anywhere? Thank you!


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Just in case this is useful - we went to ATH with the kids when we they were young, about 2, and had bedtime of 7pm. We asked for a room near the ship and we were able to sit on a table about 20m away and have a drink while watching our room door while they slept and could check on them without much hassle. We also used our iPads as video cameras due to wifi using FaceTime.


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A camera in your hotel room on public wifi? o_O Not something I'd do myself, but each to their own.


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There are chalets at Lower Micklin Farm campsite towards Rochester,
about a five minute drive from the Towers.
I have only used the campsite not the chalets, but they looked good.