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I thought I’d make a thread for this topic as I can’t find one on here.

Are you into stand up comedy? Whose your go to for some belly laughs?

There aren’t that many that I enjoy, I find forced comedy anything but funny with some comics, but there’s a small selection that I absolutely love; Kevin Bridges being one, Lee Evans old stuff also. The man’s energy is unmatched.

Please post some clips of your favourites if you have any!


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Personally, I enjoy coming to this forum for some of the outrageous speculation and claims. Absolute comedy gold.
Me too! Some classics posted on these pages should all be put together into a stand up script.

Anything that starts with "So, I read a story about that London Resort yesterday....." or "How about that closed season Alton Towers theming maintenance....." is guaranteed to get me going before the punchline.


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Stewart Lee is the absolute master. He's incredible.

James Acaster is probably my favourite at the moment, his last show Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 was probably the best single standup show I've ever seen, and his Netfix collection of shows is sublime.

This Thursday I'm going to see Simon Amstell, quite excited for that one, love his stuff but never seen him live before.


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Wicker Man (Row 1), Alton Towers
Jasper Carrot, Eddie Izzard, Dara Ó Briain & Michael McIntyre has been my usual favorites.

Katherine Ryan and Gabriel 'Fluffy' Iglesias are the most recent newish stand up I've seen that I actually found funny.