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Discussion in 'Guest Services' started by Islander, 28th May 2020.

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    I'm going to guess that this is very much out of the control of the TST team, but thought I'd post it anyway in case anyone else is noticing it, or there is some kinda fix...

    Just lately I've been using Tapatalk a lot more (sat at home, nothing else to do, who'dve thought it...), but I've noticed that the notifications are becoming very laggy. For example, if there is a flurry of activity in one thread that I'm watching, say 8-odd posts are made in the space of an hour, then Tapatalk starts drip-feeding me notifications of these posts, well into the evening, hours and hours after I've read them. Being the sad individual that I am, this means I get excited at the prospect of something new to get annoyed at read, and subsequently experience a tang of disappointment when I realise I've read it already...

    Anyone else notice this? Anything that can be done about it?
    Posted 28th May 2020
  2. Jonathan

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    I've noticed it as well. Tapatalk seems to be incredibly erratic with regard to when it sends notifications out, and has been for several months. It's getting quite irritating, but I do also appreciate it could be out of the Team's control.
    Posted 28th May 2020
  3. imanautie

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    I posted about this in pet hates, it's about 5-15 posts behind when a topic is busy.
    Really annoying.

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    Posted 29th May 2020
  4. Craig

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    Yeah Tapatalk is a difficult one, it's basically a plugin on the forum and that's it. I've reinstalled the plugin again to see if that helps, but other than that it's just one of those things that's out of our hands I'm afraid.
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    Posted 29th May 2020

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