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Matt N

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Fantastic news! Tripsdrill’s STC looks phenomenal from the POVs I’ve watched, and the family boomerang should be really good as a mid-ground family coaster, so when combined with Cu Chulainn, Tayto Park could really become quite an attractive theme park to visit within the next few years!

Also, €15million is an absolute steal for two coasters like these! Tayto certainly knows how to spend its money!

Matt N

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Can't please everyone can they? Park could be crippled if their expansion plans keep getting rejected. :mad:
Plus with the decision not due till November they'll have to push construction back.
Apparently objections and delays are actually factored into their deadline, as the rides are not due until 2023!


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An article from The Journal confirms that Tayto Park's two Vekomas have been approved.

Green light for €15.5m Tayto Park rollercoaster after two-year planning battle

AN BORD PLEANÁLA has given the green light to Tayto Park for a new €15.5 million ‘Coaster 2021’ rollercoaster for the theme park.

The grant of permission by the appeals board clears the way for the construction of the rollercoaster which is made up of a 31 metre high and 748 metre long Suspended Thrill Coaster (STC) and a 24.2 metre high 238 metre long Family Boomerang (FB) ride.

The decision brings to an end a two year four month long planning battle by Tayto Park owner Raymond Coyle to secure planning permission for the new attraction.

A previous rollercoaster proposed for Tayto Park was refused planning permission in July 2019 by the appeals board due, in part, to the noise impact of people’s screams from the rollercoaster on residents’ properties.

Now, the board has overruled its own inspector, Dolores McCague who recommended that planning permission be refused for the new project.

McCague recommended that planning be refused due to the the noise impact on nearby residential homes and that it would depreciate the value of properties in the area.

Coyle’s Ashbourne Visitor Centre Ltd’s revised plans provides for a planned spend on €1.5 million on 14 separate noise reduction methods.

However, during the course of her 58 page report, McCague stated that the application did not reveal the noise impact from screaming by patrons on the rollercoaster.

McCague stated: “A scream is a primitive sound, calling out danger and shouting for help. It is a particularly distinctive sound. Screaming has a much more visceral impact on the listener than any other sound.”

McCague also recommended that planning permission be refused as the development would exacerbate the capacity and congestion issues on the N2.

However, the board found that the proposed development would not have an adverse impact on population and human health associated with noise.

The board stated that it was satisfied that the mitigation measures proposed are adequate and acceptable. The board also found that the proposal would not exacerbate the current identified capacity and congestion issues on the N2.

The board decision upholds a decision by Meath County Council to grant planning permission for the project last year.

However, the proposed development came before the appeals board after local residents, Donal Greene & Clare Smith along with Jeremy Butcher appealed the Council decision.

Plans for the new rollercoaster have been drawn up by Dutch rollercoaster maker, Vekoma which has made rollercoasters across the world such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain for Disney.

Coyle has already promised that any screams by passengers will be drowned out.

The designers reoriented the tracks to direct noise back into the park and away from housing in the area and some of the other noise-reducing design features include three tunnels; underground sections; extensive planting of trees, shrubbery and foliage and a 6m high and 100m long sound barrier.

Planning documentation lodged with the plan by Tayto Park stated if the rollercoaster doesn’t proceed “the longer-term viability of the Park would be brought into question”.



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Great news for them and a huge relief I'm sure. It definitely needs a few more coasters to make it a full day park IMO.

Will definitely be planning a visit in next few years.


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Are these clones of Tripsdril? I rode them last year and whilst it was nothing sensational, certainly solid additions for a park like this. Won't get me booking a trip, but certainly going to be good for the target market.


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Similar but the layouts have been reorientated and changed for sound proofing. Boomerang's lift is enclosed like Speed of Sound and the spike in a trench.
The STC is a bit taller and quite a bit faster than Hals, but 52 metres shorter in track length. Drop goes down into a trench too.

The boomerang station will feature 2 fly throughs from the STC.

Today, Tayto Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo, was granted approval from An Bord Pleanálafor the construction of two new steel intertwining rollercoasters. The rollercoasters, which represent a total investment of €15million by Tayto Park, will create 40 new jobs in the area.

Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said, “I am thrilled with the news of our planning approval. The construction of the rollercoasters will mark our largest single investment in our 11 years in business. This announcement will not only bring the latest cutting-edge attractions for our visitors to enjoy but will also add employment to the local economy”.

Tayto Park has spent over €1,500,000 on noise reduction methods to secure planning for the attractions at the theme park and zoo located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Rollercoaster Details;

Suspended Coaster
Length: 748m
Height: 31m
Capacity: 1000 People Per Hour
Speed: 100kph

Length: 221M
Height: 24.2m
Capacity: 720P.P.H
Speed: 70kph Forward & 60KPH Backward

COMING SOON! We look forward to welcoming you all back to Tayto Park, exciting times are ahead!!


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Tayto Park have also now filed planning permission for a Vekoma Jr Coaster to replace their Dinosaur walkthrough. 11.6m tall, 254m long, top speed of 46km/h and keeping the Dinosaur theme.




6 - 9 month build time. No mention of whether this is for 2022 or after the 2023 additions.

Planning documents also make a mention of the 2023 STC and Family Boomerang with the project names 'Phantom' and 'Spirit'. If they keep those as final names bit easier off the tongue than Cu Chuliann. :p


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I can just imagine Tayto Park phoning Vekoma on an annual basis to see if there's anything else they can throw in for them.