The Alton Towers Dungeon


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Doubt they would get planning permission in the towers to install drop ride mechanisms though given it is a listed building
I'm not too familiar with the dungeon's, do they all have a drop ride in?

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Nice to see some use of the Sub Terra building if it happens but it won’t fit the area again. So much for themed areas


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My prediction:

It'll be a really short dungeon, using the Sub Terra buildings you'll go through the plot of doing something illegal, e.g. smuggling. You'll then be taken through a court room scene and finally "hung" in the drop ride section of the ride.

I don't think it'll be an up-charge, surely they wouldn't make us pay for something that short (though it is Merlin so I'm probably wrong.) Sea Life is one of their outside IP's and isn't an up-charge so maybe there's some hope.


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Most Dungeons have a drop ride, but not all of them. The London Dungeon even has a water ride...
I reckon that this will appear in the Towers, perhaps with the drop track tech repurposed in a building extension outside the perimiter of the building, ala Hex. Well, presuming they can ensure you board at the bottom and head up then down, rather than the reverse method introduced on N:ST?

Not keen, though, I have to say. I know Merlin are all about cross-brand pollination or whatever, but there's a Dungeon at Warwick, another in Blackpool, York, London... All easily within reach of Alton's central customer base. It's not like a Madame Tussauds existing in New York, then another in Shanghai.