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I can relate to this video so much. It's so relieving seeing another grown ass man also afraid of rollercoasters. It is a completely irrational fear, you feel very silly, but it's genuinely awful, borderline embarrassing. My first ride on Nemesis, there was a little girl at the entrance trying to see if she was tall enough to ride, and I felt literal shame, I got in the queue and my heart rate was unbelievable, this is followed by a very bizarre sense of accomplishment on the brake run, which is weird because all you did is sit still screaming/swearing out loud.

Fair play to this guy, he looks genuinely afraid, and he's put it all on camera for people to enjoy, and look how happy he is during most of these elements, the fear is in the queue lines and the lift hills typically. Thanks for sharing!


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Just watched it. Also recommend checking it out. There's a nice little bit behind the scenes of each ride and it's nice to see this perspective from someone that's not an enthusiast but is still fascinated to see how the rides work.


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yeah I've watched it and I did immediately think of @Pawkins story, similar in many ways.
Seeing Tom Scott unlike his usual on screen presentation of being very calm and collected, this is quite different but really is worth a watch.


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Following on from last night's convo in the shoutbox, this is Slothy Vlogs riding an Extreme in "Orbiter mode"- the most intense setting! (skip to 29:05)