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And he’s still at it :eek:
I’m about to give up. It’s far too wet

I think it`s great that he`s still going for it despite the weather... :)

Ryan B

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This reminds me, think it was back in 2012 I saw a guy marathoning the ultimate for charity, back row, without getting off. Bare in mind I wasn't an enthusiast back then, I thought he was a brakeman..
Shawn's next challenge perhaps? ;)
I like Shawn’s vlogs when there only up to 45 mins long. Been a family man with 2 kids, house and working I don’t have the time to sit and watch 90 min vlog at a time. I met him a few times with Charlotte at Drayton Manor and spoke to Alex a couple of times when he worked at Drayton Manor.


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Steel Vengeance
He'll be still living at home until he's in his late 30's the way he blows his cash on theme park trips.

We all love theme parks but let's be honest we have other stuff going on too. He must spend 300 days of the 365 on offer at a park. It might sound awesome on the face of it but it would ruin the fun of it all to me if I was at a park near enough every day.
Robb and Ellissa from Theme Park review Go round the world no problems with there Daughter and hold down jobs in Orlando so I’m sure if Shawn asks Charlotte to marry him they will go to theme parks still as a family.


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Theme Park Review have an impressive 1.4million subscribers. Once you start getting in the high hundreds of thousands, such as The Bucket List Family and Tim Tracker that’s when it starts to become more of a job and the perks/comps increase.


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Plus the fact that TPR trip costs essentially pay for the Alveys to go...

YouTube revenue is where it's at for everyone these days...


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I enjoy watching some of his stuff, but don't really understand the obsession with him? To be fair though, I was in the Icon shop today and he was absolutely lovely with some of his 'fans'.

And I suppose if I could make a living out of riding roller coasters I certainly would.


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Shawn is a friend of ours and we've know him for many years. He is a great guy and I've have nothing nasty to say about him. Like I've said before, we've know him from visiting Alton but we've never originally knew him from his Vlogs or before he actually worked on the turnstiles. Jess and I fully support what he does, it's his choice and I wish him all the luck in the world for him to do what he loves to the max. I just get upset the way people post about him, all I can see is people are simply jealous. He is a good lad with a heart of gold. To be fair, his Vlogs don't interest us, but that still don't alter the fact that he is a good friend of ours and that we would never criticise what he does or his followers. We support him 100% .


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Likewise...saw him a number of times in the velvet around the building of icon.
He was dead sweet with my ex care client, who went home to his supported living to show all his mates the film star he had seen...on YouTube.
Would not want to do what he does, but he is down to earth decent.
And not a bad way to earn a living.