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    Over the past few seasons ive picked up on a certain marketing strategy the park seem to be taking unless Merlin have adivsed this. Basically out of the whole group of attractions and when advertised about the Merlin Annual Pass they only seem to mention York Dungeons, LDC Manchester and Blackpool if im correct?

    I can't help but feeling that these attractions are underperforming or meeting expectations been as these are the only ones advertised when you have other well known attrctions such as SEA LIFE's, Thorpe and so on.

    Understandably Blackpool is still new and trying to get the punters and when ive been there its been quite/mild with guests. I can't comment on LDC or York Dungeons as ive never been so wouldnt understand what there ques or figures are like, but from what im saying do you think theres some aspect for example as to why they target specific attractions within the group?
    Posted 5th Jul 2012
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    I believe these attractions are specifically promoted as they are the closest to Alton.

    Merlin were criticised for not having any worthwhile Northern attractions rendering the Merlin Annual Pass useless for anyone living to the north of towers. So since the building of LDC in Manchester and the aquisition of the Blackpool line-up they are keen to promote the pass is more worthwhile to those not phased around the capital.

    In theory it's not a much better line up, as the northern attractions are still all midway (half day, small imvestment) apart from the only flagship park which is Alton. But they are making an effort and hopefully ,ore will come.

    I should imagine if you visit Chessington for example you will see legoland, Madame tussauds and the London eye etc promoted. It's just strategic to show an appropriate audience what is around.
    Posted 6th Jul 2012
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    Working in SEA LIFE at the momment in the midlands we advertise Lego Land Windsor which is infact no where near us! Yet Alton is litteraly an hour or so drive away with LDC alot closer.
    Posted 6th Jul 2012
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    At Towers you'll sometimes see maps of the Merlin attractions, typically they will only show the midlands/north of England - everything from Birmingham Sea Life (possibly Warwick castle) all the way up to York Dungeons. It's common sense really, people local to AT aren't likely to be frequent visitors at the other attractions, so they won't attract as much interest in the decision to buy a pass. Once you have someone's interest, then you tell them about the other major attractions to seal the deal.
    Posted 6th Jul 2012
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    How about they create a day to enjoy and you come back again and again? Best marketing in the world is word of mouth.
    Posted 15th Jul 2012

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