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    Stayed in Splash Landings hotel for 2 nights over these dates, arriving midday on the Saturday 8th. Hotel was already pretty busy and the waterpark looked full!

    Had a bite to eat first in ATH and then wandered into the theme park. Steady flow of people going in even at 2pm from the monorail with cars parked everywhere, including all the overflow car parks, which, I bet they had fun getting out of later in the night with the amount of rain that fell on Saturday.

    Managed a few rides before heading to the very front of the firework "field" and waiting there for 2 hours for the show to start. Overall impression was again, very good, but I thought last year left me with more emotion and more of a buzz - and I think there were more fireworks last year. In fact, heard someone mention that the next night stood behind me! But yeah, very good. At the end, having to negotiate the extremely trodden and deep with mud field in the total darkness wasnt great fun but the towers lit up in a sort of purple was just gorgeous. Never seen the lighting on the towers like that before, and it looked incredible. They should do this every year.

    Back to the hotel then for some food in flambos. Not bad, but the selection wasnt that great either. Kinda put me off next time I think for the price. Entertainment in ATH was good though with 3 singers and it was upbeat and busy over there. Wanted some drinks but the bar in ATH is just crazy, 2 people serving , no table service, other bar not open, and massive queue constantly to the door. SORT IT OUT ALTON - its like this every year and every peak weekend. OPEN THE OTHER BAR!!!!!!

    Ahem. Anyway, Sunday, the sun was shining and after breakfast in ATH (queue for splash was back to the lifts!!!! - no queue in ATH) we headed into the park. As we had an 8 year old in tow this time we had to mix up the rides so my bro and his wife could do stuff with their little one, and try and cram in some adult rides too, actually more difficult than I thought on a peak day!

    Anyway, we managed Thirteen, Rita, Nemesis, Air, Sub Terra, Oblivion, RMT, Duel, Ice Age and night time rides on Nemmie and Thirteen. First time ive done Thirteen in the dark actually, really enjoyed it. Thankfully, they had opened an exit just by Air which was a godsend as the walk back to the hotel only took 5-10 minutes at the most.

    Watched the fireworks the second time from where the hearse was parked - much better spot, high up so can see everything but not in the mud and the chaos afterwards. Unfortunate though that many people started to take up good spots by 5pm! So, to secure one you had to follow suit.. Nothing a few beers for the bar in corner coffee and sitting on a poncho couldnt fix.

    Bite to eat in the evening in Secret Garden (very nice), a drink and then bed as we were deado. Saw quite a few coaster groups in the hotel this night - think TS were in the Dragon Bar, and theme park worldwide in the corner by the other bar.

    Today it was up, breakfast and into the water park before heading home. Had such a great weekend, and just feel utterly flat now its over, and also that the season has now come to a close.

    My thoughts on this weekend -

    Getting the room I asked for in Splash!
    Weather on Sunday and today
    Although busy, still managed to do a lot
    Hotel entertainment Saturday night
    Nemesis in the dark (as always)
    Exit by Air (they should do this more often)
    Staff checking if people had hotel reservations to keep spaces in the hotel car parks for people

    Mud, mud and more mud
    Duel looked poor inside, lots not working, loads of sensors not working
    Shockingly bad singer in the hotel Sunday night
    £5 for a burger, £6 for a hog roast in the vans by the fireworks!!!
    End of season
    Queues in the Dragon Bar
    Posted 10th Nov 2014
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    Great trip report. We also had a great visit on Sunday/Monday. Not much more to say about the park, only thing that let it down for me was a 40 minute wait to buy a pasty due to slow service.

    I have eaten dinner in Flambo's before and loved but never done breakfast there before and breakfast was a disappointment, it was just underwhelming. Also the new counter layout wasn't as nice and they have added walls so you can't see into the kitchen, I always liked the open kitchen at Flambo's!
    Posted 11th Nov 2014
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    We were indeed sat near Dragon Bar on Sunday night (you could probably hear us across the whole hotel :p)
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    Posted 13th Nov 2014
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    Couldn't miss a certain admin nearly falling off his chair into the atrium whilst howling with laughter ;)
    Posted 13th Nov 2014
  5. djtruefitt

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    It's always the ones in charge who cause the most trouble!
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    Posted 14th Nov 2014

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