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Discussion in 'Your Alton Towers Trip Reports and Plans' started by TheMan, 9th Nov 2013.

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    Not going to mess about, factoids:

    Fireworks are rather good. Wont spoil it. First time I have experienced them! Must cost a fortune to put that on for three nights, genuine points of "WOW!" - some lulls, but overall was good!

    The Kaycee song in French by Astro. (Not sure who is better at French, Astro or Pedro! Pedro is better than me at English too!)

    Meeting Pedro and a pretty large group of fantastic TSers


    6 x Rita.
    1 x SW6...
    5x Nemesis


    wait for it...

    15 x The Smiler. 14 of those being consecutive and another at the end of the day.

    Taking my total inversion count for the day, to:


    Also accompanied Truman (Paul) on his 250th Smiler ride (which also happened to be his 1000th ride), which got a big announcement over and round of applause in the station. Surreal. As was wearing "that" hat! That man is a machine. I had done 10 and needed a break for a few mins, but he just carried on, when I left after doing 14 his count was about 23!

    Being the Single Rider, in the Single Rider Queue frequently on The Smiler. Walk on!!

    Certain staff playing silly buggers with me, and one in particular moaning at me (jokingly) for using SRQ on a certain other ride creating stacking hahaha, and another ensuring I was VERY "secure" in my seat! ;D

    Rita front row, with no one else except a member of staff to accompany me. Created great amusement in the bays (Front Row queue contained more people than the entire queue so it did make sense!) - Getting comical shouts from the bays of "He's a VIP!"

    Staff in general being playful, and interactive with guests - makes a big difference, great mood on park today, best all season by far.

    Having a few groups of strangers who I ended up riding with thanks to Smiler SRQ playing me up on different rides and generally having a great laugh (this happens to me at Towers more than anywhere).

    Rita queue. When there are less people in the entire queue than needed to fill the car, don't leave the big sections of queue open! Fast tracks could still go on, but the only thing they benefited from was not having to walk through that entire completely empty queueline!

    That's it. It would have been easy for staff to become a bit faffy and slow given how quiet it was at times, but they didn't (take note Thorpe!) - they were professional, efficient, playful, friendly - everything that makes Towers great on its good days!

    Had some crap days at Towers this year. This was not one of them. Favourite day of the season.

    Thanks for the wonderful company later on to everyone I met up with.

    Off to see a chiropractor now ;D
    Posted 9th Nov 2013
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    I have it on good authority that the laser setup alone for the 3 days costs over £40k. The fireworks will likely be £15-20k per night plus setup, so that's possibly £60-70k for the three days. No idea about the lighting. In the grand scheme of things it's probably not too much, but over £100k for an event for Merlin is quite impressive! ;)
    Posted 9th Nov 2013

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