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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GaryH, 16th Jul 2013.

  1. GaryH

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    I know we have had a debate in one of the other topics about the bad feedback the park has been receiving from its LIVE concert.

    Interestingly, Alton Towers have now started to respond to feedback on TA, something they have never done. Looks like they started doing it towards the end of last week. They are commenting on all hotel stays and also the waterpark.

    Wonder if someone from AT spotted our debate about all the bad comments and decided to take note....
    Posted 16th Jul 2013
  2. Tom

    Tom TowersStreet Member

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    It wouldn't surprise me. Staff from the park always read these forums. They have frequently acted as a direct result of what has been posted here and elsewhere - but without acknowledging it and certainly not syaing thank you for enthusiasts' help.

    The park deserve virtually all of the criticism they receive, it is relatively small compared to the number of people who have positive things or nothing to say. Millions of people visit and seemingly those that aren't complaining - a large number - are at least content with their visits. The park shouldn't an army of fans/enthusiasts blindly fighting its corner. It's embarrassing to read and you certainly won't get any thanks from the park for it, even if it were helpful to them. People who have issues with the park are too easily abused by certain members of the 'fan' community.
    Posted 16th Jul 2013
  3. ImUrNemeis

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    I believe in the saying "I'll believe it then I see it."

    So its all good AT taking feed back but untill something is done about it, I would just take it with a pinch of salt.
    Posted 16th Jul 2013

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