Trip Report: 12th Oct 2013

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    Trip Report: 12/10/13

    My third trip report, hopefully improving somewhat in standard. :) So I visited AT on the 12th for my 14th Birthday, with my dad, little bro Ben, and friends Ellie and Rachel.​

    We arrived at AT just before ten and there was no queue for getting tickets. Hooray! We used a promotion from a KitKat wrapper and saved a whopping £96.

    Of course we had to visit the Smiler first, before the queue built up. It was Ben and Rachel's first time on The Smiler, and in fact Rachel's very first time at AT. (But she has been to Disneyworld and the Universal parks in Florida!)

    We only queued for under 35 minutes (wow) and we all really loved it. Rachel said that she enjoyed it just as much as The Hulk at Universal IOA, which is really saying something. Still not as smooth as Nemesis usually is, but it had improved from my previous two experiences, definitely. Hands in the air 90% of the time! :D


    Next stop was Oblivion. Dad, Rachel and Ben's first time, my third, and Ellie can't even count the number of times she has been on it. Since Rachel was 5 and saw the ad on TV for it, she's been wanting to go on it. Life ambition achieved! Freaking awesome ride as usual! All agreed, it would be improved if it were a little longer.

    Over to the Dark Forest now for a ride on Rita. Queue freakishly short for Rita- only about 40 minutes, including a minor breakdown. I was sitting next to a stranger (always the most fun in my opinion) who was terrified, which was a little awkward because on the ride photo she was screaming her head off and I had my arms folded, and a 'not impressed' straight face. But really good fun!


    Thi3teen had a 50 minute wait, so we decided to leave it for later in the day. We had a lunch break (and it wasn't even 12 yet) whilst queuing for the Skyride to Forbidden Valley.

    First was Nemesis with a wait time of about 15 minutes. Great ride as usual- we were on about the third row. Then we took a trip to Air (queue time about 35 minutes). It's such a relaxing ride, and great for singing High School Musical songs on. Everyone near us should be glad of the fact our singing was barely audible above the roar of the coaster.

    Then it was time for Nemesis Sub-Terra. Only Ellie and I had been on it before so we knew what was going to happen, and decided to tell the others nothing at all. Thankfully, Rachel and Dad thought it was great, but Ben was a bit annoyed with us, and didn't really enjoy it that much. Just not his kind of ride, I guess!

    Then, seeing as it was my almost-birthday we did Nemesis again (my favourite ride), front row. It was my first time front row on a roller coaster (excluding Oblivion but to be honest that doesn't really count!) and I loved it!! Ellie and Rachel were not so keen though and felt the ride was a bit rough. I didn't really notice that it wasn't as smooth usual.

    We then found out that Thi3teen had broken down, which was very disappointing as Dad, Ben and I hadn't had a chance to ride last time either. However I had ridden it before with Ellie, and we were looking forward to seeing their reaction, so this was pretty disappointing.

    As it had no queue, we decided upon Runaway Mine Train next. First time for all of us, this was, and jeez, the guy at the station really does lack enthusiasm! Choo choo, everyone. Pretty fun ride for a kids coaster.

    We'd done basically everything we had wanted to do, so we decided on a quick skyride to Towers Street and a stop at the gift shop before heading home.

    Pretty view from the Skyride:


    Had a great conversation with the guy at the checkout. I bought a handful of badges and he turned each of them over muttering 'good badge... good badge.... good badge...' until he turned over the last one, when he sighed in relief and said to me 'Phew, no One Direction!' to which I replied 'Yeah, they suck!' we then had a small conversation about Nemesis and Smiler before I left. I love it when staff interact with customers like this!

    Really good day all in all! The bad weather deterred a lot of people, but our resilience was rewarded with nice 'n short queues. Rachel thoroughly enjoyed her first trip to AT, but I wish she'd have seen it in the sun- the lake and castle look significantly less spectacular in the rain.

    Thanks for reading!


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